The Snowman Review: 2017’s Most Anti-Climactic Thriller

Starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer, Chloe Sevigny, J.K. Simmons, Toby Jones, James D’Arcy, Charlotte Gainsbourg Directed by Tomas Alfredson Being critical of your work is one thing, but a director bashing his next mainstream release before it’s opened… Continue Reading

The Snowman Trailer Casts an Icy Spell of Serial Killer Terror

A trailer has been released for the British serial killer thriller The Snowman, which you can watch below. If you’re enjoying the summer heat and dreading the impending and inevitable chill of winter, you’re going to want to avoid this… Continue Reading

Colin Trevorrow Talks Jurassic World Sequel

Jurassic World 2

J.A. Bayona’s sequel to Jurassic World is cooking along quite nicely and recently, the film’s writer/producer (and director of JW) Colin Trevorrow sat down with Mtv’s Happy Sad Confused Podcast to talk about what to expect from the next entry… Continue Reading

Embark on a Mysterious Mission with the Official Trailer for Wayward Pines

Post Thumb: /nov13/wayward-pines.jpg This new trailer for “Wayward Pines,” heading to Fox in 2015, has a suitably spooky, “Twin Peaks”-ish vibe, and it’s certainly chock-full of the type of stars we used to only see in the movies. It’s a… Continue Reading