Wrath of the Gods Will Make Wicker Man a Trilogy

Source Name: Screen Daily Source Url: http://www.screendaily.com/news/hardy-to-complete-wicker-man-trilogy/5059535.article?referrer=RSS Post Thumb: /may13/wicker-man.jpg Wicker Man director Robin Hardy surprised us all back in 2011 when he made The Wicker Tree, a decades-later sequel to the 1973 classic. And it looks like he’s not… Continue Reading

Lost Wicker Man Footage Found! UK Getting The Wicker Man: Final Cut Blu-ray Release

Source Name: Screen Daily Source Url: http://www.screendaily.com/news/wicker-man-final-cut-to-be-released/5058548.article?referrer=RSS Post Thumb: /may13/wicker-man.jpg A few months ago director Robin Hardy embarked on a journey to locate lost footage from his 1973 cult horror classic The Wicker Man. His journey was successful, and our… Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Robin Hardy on The Wicker Tree, Completing his Trilogy and More

Post Thumb: /nov11/wickertrees.jpg It has been almost forty years now since writer/director Robin Hardy first mystified audiences with his uber-eccentric cult classic The Wicker Man, and now the UK filmmaker is back with his companion tale, the darkly comedic The… Continue Reading

Celebrate The Wicker Tree on UK DVD and Blu-ray with a Special Evening with the Director

Post Thumb: /nov11/wickertrees.jpg While the critical reception for The Wicker Tree, director Robin Hardy’s latest foray into the occult, has been moderately lukewarm, if you’re a fan of his classic The Wicker Man and live anywhere near London, you’ll find… Continue Reading