Devil’s Gate (FrightFest 2017)

Devil's Gate aka Abduction

Starring Bridget Regan, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Schull, Shawn Ashmore, Spencer Drever Directed by Clay Staub Following the unsolved disappearance of local woman Maria Pritchard (Regan) and her young son Jonah (Drever), FBI agent Daria Francis (Schull) is assigned to the… Continue Reading

Better Watch Out (FrightFest 2017)

Better Watch Out

Starring Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould, Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen Directed by Chris Peckover Well the weather outside is frightful… but inside, things are even worse in Chris Peckover’s Christmas-themed shocker Better Watch Out. Tasked with babysitting local teen,… Continue Reading

The End? (FrightFest 2017)

The End?

Starring Alessandro Roja, Carolina Crescentini, Claudio Camilli, Euridice Axén Directed by Daniele Misischia Claudio Verona (Roja) is an asshole. A high-flying businessman, he’s disrespectful, terse, demanding, and just an outright cretin to anyone he perceives to be below his station.… Continue Reading

Game of Death (FrightFest 2017)

Game of Death

Starring Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman, Catherine Saindon, Erniel Baez Duenas Directed by Sebastien Landry, Laurence Morais-Lagace A bunch of obnoxious millennial friends see their frivolous partying take an entirely unexpected turn for the worse when one them discovers… Continue Reading

Dead Shack (FrightFest 2017)

Dead Shack

Starring Matthew Nelson-Mahood, Lizzie Boys, Gabriel LaBelle, Donavon Stinson, Lauren Holly Directed by Peter Ricq Working class dad Roger (Stinson) treats his kids, Colin (LaBelle) and Summer (Boys), plus his new girlfriend Lisa (Valerie Tian) and Colin’s best friend Jason… Continue Reading

Writer/Director Todd Tucker Discusses The Terror of Hallow’s Eve

This past weekend, Todd Tucker’s The Terror of Hallow’s Eve had its world premiere at London’s FrightFest 2017. Extolled for its reliance, as much as possible, on practical FX, the film has been one of the most anticipated festival features… Continue Reading