Exclusive: Author Christopher Shy Gives Us the Scoop On Dead Space: Liberation

Post Thumb: /jan13/dsls.jpg Dead Space 3 is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to delve into the horrifying world ahead. Author Christopher Shy discusses his new book, Dead Space: Liberation; recreating our protagonist John Carver; expanding… Continue Reading

Dead Space 3 – Get Up Close and Personal with the Necromorphs

Post Thumb: /jul12/ds3s.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c1x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c2x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c3x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c4x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c5x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c6x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c7x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c8x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c9x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c10x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c11x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c12x’, ‘/gallery/deadspace3/deadspace3c13x’ There are few video games coming out this year that we are as excited for as Dead Space 3. The strategic dismemberment… Continue Reading