9 Recent Giant Monster Movies to Prepare You For Jurassic World

We’re no doubt in store for a whole lot of exciting monster action in Jurassic World (review), which chomps and tears its way into theaters this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot wait for this one,… Continue Reading

New York Comic Con 2013: Horror Highlights from the Schedule

Post Thumb: /stock/nycc.jpg New York Comic Con 2013 runs October 10-13, and the schedule is coming together. We’ve compiled the horror highlights here, and with guests like Gillian Anderson, Sigourney Weaver, Chloe Moretz, and most of the cast of “The… Continue Reading

Fantasia 2013: Second Wave Titles Announced Including Miike’s Shield of Straw, You’re Next, Big Ass Spider!, Plus One, Missionary, and More

Source Name: Fantasia Film Festival Source Url: http://www.fantasiafestival.com Post Thumb: /may13/fantasia2013s.jpg The full Fantasia 2013 lineup will be announced next Tuesday, July 9th, but in the meantime we have the second wave of titles to share, and per usual, it’s… Continue Reading

New Big Ass Spider! Stills Spin their Web

Post Thumb: /feb13/bass.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider1x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider2x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider3x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider4x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider5x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider6x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider7x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider8x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider9x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider10x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider11x’ Alrighty, kids, time to add a little sticky to your morning with a slew of images from the upcoming Mike Mendez flick Big Ass… Continue Reading