New Big Ass Spider! Stills Spin their Web

Post Thumb: /feb13/bass.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider1x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider2x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider3x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider4x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider5x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider6x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider7x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider8x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider9x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider10x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider11x’ Alrighty, kids, time to add a little sticky to your morning with a slew of images from the upcoming Mike Mendez flick Big Ass… Continue Reading

First Look at Mike Mendez’s Mega Spider in Action!

Source Name: Undead Backbrain Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/megaspids.jpg There are few movies we are looking forward to more around these parts than the latest creature feature from madman Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) entitled Mega Spider. Need some reasons… Continue Reading