Super Trailers, Sneak Peeks, and More for Syfy's Being Human and Bitten

Last night marked the series debut and Season 4 premiere of "Bitten" and "Being Human," respectively, on Syfy, and today we have "super trailers," sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and more for both shows.

Take Your Midol and Check Out Some Photos from Being Human Episode 4.02 - That Time of the Month

One thing we really appreciate about "Being Human" is that it doesn't dilly-dally with moving along its storyline. And it has some kick-ass guest stars, two of whom appear in these new stills from Episode 4.02, "That Time of the Month."

See the Helix 'Super Trailer' and Close to a Dozen New Stills from Episode 1.03 - 274

Having seen the first three episodes already, we're pretty high on Syfy's new series "Helix," and today we have some new images from Episode 1.03, "274," as well as a "super trailer" that gives us a taste of the season to come and a new promo.

Exclusive: Steve Lund Talks Being the New Werewolf in Town in Syfy's Bitten

Syfy launches its new werewolf series "Bitten" tonight, and Steve Lund, who portrays flirtatious and playful werewolf Nick Sorrento, sat down with Dread Central to talk about his character, his co-stars, and what's in store for audiences. We have the details along with a new trailer!

Reminder: Being Human Google+ Hangout Is Tonight

"Being Human" returns to Syfy tonight with Episode 4.01, "Old Dogs, New Tricks," and this is your reminder about the LIVE Google+ Hangout taking place before and after the season premiere.

Top 6 Things You Should Know about Syfy's Bitten

With its new werewolf series debuting tonight, Syfy recently held a press call with star Laura Vandervoort and Kelley Armstrong, author of the Women of the Otherworld series on which the show is based; and we have the Top 6 Things You Should Know About "Bitten" before watching the premiere.

All Hell Breaks Loose in this Sneak Peek of Helix Episode 1.03 - 274

Response to Syfy's two-episode premiere of "Helix" last night seems to be mostly positive - I'm already hooked for sure! - and if you're among those of us chomping at the bit for more, here are a preview and clip from next week's Episode 1.03, "274."

Get Bitten by the First Three Minutes of Syfy's New Werewolf Series

Curious about Syfy's new werewolf series, "Bitten," which premieres on Monday? Then check out the opening three minutes of Episode 1.01, "Summons," which bring the sexy and also give us a taste of the type of transformation we can expect.

What Can Horror Fans Expect from Helix? Kyra Zagorsky and Steve Maeda Talk its Chills, Thrills, and 'Not Zombies'

Earlier this week "Helix" star Kyra Zagorsky and exec producer Steve Maeda took part in a conference call to discuss Syfy's highly anticipated new series, which premieres tonight, and in case you're wondering if horror fans should check it out...

Chat Live with the Cast of Being Human Before the Season 4 Premiere - Old Dog, New Tricks

The Season 4 premiere of "Being Human" is coming up fast (January 13th to be exact) so be sure to mark your calendars because the cast will be doing a LIVE hangout on Syfy Google+ just before the episode airs. Read on for the details, and start prepping your questions now!

Access Is Granted to the First 15 Minutes of Syfy's Helix

Curious about Syfy's new series "Helix," which premieres one week from tonight? Then get comfortable because you're gonna be here awhile. Along with a new trailer and more "Access Granted" videos, we have the first 15 minutes of the pilot to share!

Official DVD Release Trailer Blows in for Stonados

Stonados, which began life as a Syfy Original Movie, is heading to DVD later this month from Arc Entertainment, and we've got a look at its artwork and official trailer.

Four New Trailers for Syfy's Helix Answer Your Distress Call

Syfy is working hard to make sure you keep "Helix" on your radar prior to its premiere in two short weeks, as evidenced by these four new trailers that answer a distress call, explore the laws of nature, and wonder if it's all just a giant conspiracy.

Access Is Granted to Three New Sneak Peeks of Helix Season 1

More new videos have arrived to give us a taste of what Syfy has in store for us when its new series "Helix" kicks off in early January. Access is granted to the Arctic, Meditation, and Final Interviews with the scientists at the Arctic Biosystems base.

More Cast Photos and Another Title Treatment for Syfy's Bitten

A few new cast promo photos and a bit of banner art have arrived for Syfy's upcoming werewolf series "Bitten," and once again we're treated to some really good looking people standing around a library looking very bored. Here's hoping the show's January 13th premiere provides more action.