Full Moon Howling Over New Puppet Master Blu-ray Remasterings!

Full Moon Entertainment is on the verge of releasing the remastered Blu-ray versions of the original Puppet Master, Puppet Master II, and Puppet Master III; and to celebrate their arrival, they've unleashed brand new trailers for each!

More Full Moon Classics Hitting Blu-ray and Being Remastered!

There's nothing like a good old fashioned Full Moon feature to conjure up the chills and laughs of days gone by. The studio announced today that even more of its library is going high-def! I'm clearing a spot for Castle Freak right now!

Massive DVD News and Artwork Update: Trancers, Subspecies, Grave Encounters, Blue Sunshine

With Halloween right around the corner, boatloads of horror flicks are getting set to hit DVD, and we've got the lowdown and artwork on several top shelf releases! Get ready to break your piggy banks!

Full Moon's Subspecies Crawl Its Way to Blu-ray

Out of all of the Full Moon library, one has to wonder just what in the hell Subspecies is doing coming to Blu-ray; yet, it is. While we don't understand this choice, we do know that somewhere out there MattFini, aka Masked Slasher, is doing the Electric Slide of Joy and Bewildermentâ„¢.

New Etruscan Mask Details/Pics!

Got a heads up today about a new interview that was posted over on the Italian horror site Splattercontainer (for some reason I really dig that name), conducted with Subspecies madman Ted Nicolaou about his latest endeavor, The Etruscan Mask.