*UPDATE* Brand New Cujo

Cujo comes home again!**UPDATE: Davis DVD initally said this would be a fullscreen transfer; Lionsgate has clarified it is not; it will be widescreen!**

It’s weird which King movies seem to get more attention than others. While not the worst of them, definitely, Cujo was a King adaptation that just never really did a lot for me. But then, I remembered how the book ended, which fucked you up a lot more than the movie did.

Anyway, Lionsgate still has its hands on the rights for Cujo, and today Davis DVD discovered its intentions with the title: They’ll be releasing a brand-new special edition of Cujo on September 25th!

The DVD will feature a 1.85:1 widescreen transfer with commentary by director Lewis Teague and a three-part biography featuring brand-new interviews with Dee Wallace, Robert Singer, King biographer Douglas E. Winter and a lot more!

The three parts of the doc will detail the pre-production phase of the film in Part One, filming with the dogs and how they managed to make what is essentially a one-location movie effective for Part Two, and Part Three will go into the editing and the score. Look for cover art for the new Cujo very soon!

- Johnny Butane

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