Two Sisters Becomes Uninvited

Two Sisters Becomes UninvitedIn a Variety story this morning about a new comedy script being optioned called Underage, it was officially announced that the upcoming remake of the Korean smash A Tale of Two Sisters is now being called The Uninvited.

Good, I was worried for a bit there that Hollywood would actually try not to genericize(is that a word?) the remake, but thankfully someone at the studio said “hey, if we call it A Tale of Two Sisters, that doesn’t sound generically scary enough...” and a decision was made.

Dreamworks will be releasing The Uninvited eventually, but you’re better off just nabbing a copy of the original, which Tartan released on DVD here in the states years ago, as I’m sure very little(of any value, that is) was added to the remake.

If I sound bitter it’s cause I am.

- Johnny Butane

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Blockbuster's picture

You know TDA...that's MUCH creepier than squid...the only thing that freaks me out more is someone barfing up spiders...yeah...ewwwwww....my skin's crawling now...just for the record...Arachnophobia = scariest movie evar. Period. EVAR.

Submitted by Blockbuster on Fri, 03/28/2008 - 7:01am.
thedudeabides's picture

Watch Centipede Horror and you can see people barfing up mouthfuls of centipedes.

Submitted by thedudeabides on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 6:51pm.
Blockbuster's picture

I have something I REALLY want to say about The Ring here...dammit...I just can't think of what...however...if there was something in the movie where someone blew chunks of raw squid for an effect...I'd probably watch it...or at least that part.

Submitted by Blockbuster on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 5:16pm.
Terminal's picture

GD, "Tale of Two Sisters" is much better than the awfully generic "The Uninvited" which I think is being touted to allow them story liberties, and give them a chance to deviate to where it's no longer technically a remake.

And for once I agree Sirand, this movie is giving off horrible vibes.

Submitted by Terminal on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 3:48pm.
Sirand's picture

My psychic sense tells me this film will blow chunks of raw squid.

Submitted by Sirand on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 12:10pm.

Yeah, because "A Tale of Two Sisters" is such a great title, right?

Submitted by G.D. on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 9:08am.
Chainsaw's picture

I'm totally gonna write a screenplay for a horror movie called "The Somethingning" now.

It'll be about a group of teenagers who spend the night someplace and are haunted by Something...with long, black hair!

Just call me the New Master Of Terror!

Submitted by Chainsaw on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 7:31am.

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