Two New Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Clips!

Midway sent us two new video clips for their upcoming cross-over fighting game Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe (preorder). Oh the smack that will be talked and the bones that will be broken on November 16th!

- Syxx

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kiddcapone's picture

I'm not sure about the Teen rating thing, but the game does have fatalities for most characters. Every Mortal Kombat character has one or two of them and all the DC villians have them as well. The only characters who don't are the DC good guys who have brutalities since they are not supposed to "kill" anyone in the comic universe.

The joker and scorpion fatalities are on You Tube.

Submitted by kiddcapone on Fri, 11/07/2008 - 4:44pm.
Blockbuster's picture

Frank, you have a good point. I'm going out and buying this game. Oh yeah.

Submitted by Blockbuster on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 4:58pm.
frank_dracman's picture

"OK, Johnson, we have to make this Teen for all the kids this time. Keep the blood to a minimum, no slashing or brutal moves, and absolutely no gory fatalities. Got it?"
"But sir, what about the tits? We can keep the huge, unrealistic tits, right?"
"Oh, hell yeah. We have to sell the game somehow, Johnson."


Submitted by frank_dracman on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 3:57pm.
Blockbuster's picture

November 4th, 2008. Yeah. I said it.

Submitted by Blockbuster on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 12:53pm.
Chainsaw's picture

The instant they slapped the "T" on this thing, it pretty much flatlined.

When did we officially lose all of our balls in this country?

Submitted by Chainsaw on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 11:03am.

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