Scratch Blood Off Your List

First Blood & Chocolate picsWell, I'm all done with this one. That picture you see on the right will now mark yet another werewolf film that gets it very, very wrong. And yeah, I can say that without having seen it, so there.

Fangoria got the first set of stills from Blood & Chocolate along with some very disheartening information that has made it drop off my list of must-see films. Apparently, as the picture indicates, the filmmakers decided to cheap out on the werewolf transformation and use digital effects to transform the film’s lycanthropes into regular wolves. I can not even begin to tell you how fucking lame that is.

Sorry, that was unprofessional, but werewolf movies are near & dear to my black little heart, and I’m always hoping for another good one. Not that I expected a movie based on a YA novel about a werewolf girl falling in love with a human to be the new American Werewolf, but I had at least hoped there’d be interesting werewolf designs.

Blood & Chocolate is set for release on January 26th. Be sure to hit the Fango link for some more pics if for whatever reason you’re still interested.

- Johnny Butane

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