Poster & Site for Silver Cord

Silver Cord posterAh, love. We really don’t see enough love stories in our genre, but that’s why we have movies like the upcoming Silver Cord; so we can be confused, not sure if we should see it for its horror elements even though it’s all about that most complex of human emotion. Maybe we can learn something?

Anyway, the official site for Silver Cord has emerged, along with the first teaser art for the film. The question said art poses is valid; the story is of a man who has an out of body experience to find the love of his life, but the titular device connecting his soul to his body is severed and he’s believed dead. Now he’s got to race against time to get back to his body before they put him in the ground. I don't think I would go that far, no.

Silver Cord stars Val Kilmer, Cam Gigandet, Shane West, Eric Balfour and Arielle Kebbel. Check out the official site here (hopefully a slicker one is coming soon...) and keep it here for more on Silver Cord as we learn it!

- Johnny Butane

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