Max Thieriot Shares 25/8 Plot Details

Max Thieriot!The star of Wes Craven's latest horror jaunt, Max Thieriot, spoke recently with STYD, where he cleared up what first appeared to be a very muddled plot of the upcoming 25/8.

Max revealed that Wes Craven may be reaching back to his Elm Street days, "It's a little bit like Freddy Krueger-ish, but it's more like a thriller than horror. I feel Nightmare on Elm Street is cool because it's very smart. It's not just killing. It has a whole back story and this craziness going on, and I think 25/8 has that, too.

It's basically about this kid and his life, and when he's born, his dad was a serial killer who had multiple personalities, and basically, as people start dying in the movie, I start getting multiple personalities, too, because I inherited it from my dad. It's kind of like this crazy plot, but the whole time people are just switching in and out of personalities. You're not really sure who's killing who and it's very cool"

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- Syxx

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He sounds like he has no idea what the plot is. Craven must be a loon.

Submitted by Hunter1006 on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 5:27pm.

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