Infestation Trailer Hits

The official trailer for Kyle Rankin’s giant bugs invade Earth film, Infestation, showed up over on Icon Films’ official site, but all you have to do to see it is scroll down a bit! For those not remembering, the horror/comedy follows a loser who is tasked with saving the world from giant insects after he somehow survives their invasion.

We’re still waiting for release details on Infestation; you’re welcome to wait with us, as long as you don’t mind our annoying habits, which include humming the theme to “Gilligan’s Island” for two hours straight. That’s just how to pass the time. Trailer is below; hit up the official Infestation site for more!

- Johnny Butane

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Jim_McD's picture

Ray Wise, I'm in.

Submitted by Jim_McD on Fri, 02/06/2009 - 2:41am.
ShadowGryphon's picture

Would you guys PLEASE stop using dialy motion and move to veoh ?
I can never play the vids completely (even refreshing the screen doesn't help).
DM plain sucks.

Submitted by ShadowGryphon on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 6:03pm.
moderator Don't know man, you're the
Steve Barton's picture

Don't know man, you're the only one I've ever heard complain. I've never ever had a problem with it.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 6:38pm.
Avid Fan's picture

Hell yeah, I have a soft, gooey, sticky spot for human/insect hybrids.

Submitted by Avid Fan on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 4:40pm.
hellbilly_drp's picture

Very, very, Niiiice.

Submitted by hellbilly_drp on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 2:06pm.
Gus Bjork's picture

Yeah it does, although I would hope for a giant bug movie that didn't defuse itself by playing for laughs. I am hoping I'm not in for an Eight Legged Freaks type of let down.

Submitted by Gus Bjork on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 1:23pm.

That. Looks. AWESOME.

Submitted by The Butcher on Thu, 02/05/2009 - 12:48pm.

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