Halloween in Front of Grindhouse?

So Rob Zombie’s been updating the official Halloween MySpace page like a man possessed this weekend, and thankfully none of it is about what obscure actor he’s just cast for a glorified cameo.

Firstly, he made mention that there’s a good chance the first trailer for Halloween would be in front of Grindhouse, which is very cool but I can’t see being more than a teaser. Of course considering how many production photos are alredy up on said page, maybe he's been cutting a trailer since Day One.

Next he posted an article from USA Today in which he divulges just a little bit more about his intentions for the remake: "Michael Myers is a character that for the last 28 years has degenerated into a popular Halloween character ... People will be shocked he's back to being a hard-core terrifying character."

I’m looking forward to this more and more, I have to admit, so let’s hope he delivers on his promises!

- Johnny Butane

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