Gabriel Helmer Tapped for Source Code

Shane Abbess on board for Source CodeGood news came over the wire today for a new director to whom we’ve been giving some extra attention as of late: Gabriel (review) helmer Shane Abbess (interview) has been tapped to direct Source Code for Universal.

Code is described by Variety as a Gothic sci-fi thriller, which covers almost all the generic themes in one fell swoop, doesn’t it? It’s described as a “time continuum” story, and at one point “That 70’s Show” star Topher Grace was set to star and may still be attached. The screenplay was penned by Species III & IV writer Ben Ripley.

We’ll see if we can dig up any more info on the flick, but do yourself a favor and check out Gabriel when you get a chance; it’s a lot better than most of the stuff that passes for horror out there these days.

- Johnny Butane

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