Connecticut's First Haunting

Someone has been doodling!Where have all the good haunted house movies gone to? The Messengers was tame and full of holes; The Grudge was meh and I honestly cannot remember the last time residential ghosts gave me the shivers. It's not that some of us horror junkies have become desensitized ... there's just nothing good in the past year or two.

Thank Buddha's shaved round thingies Fangoria has the first pictures and a set report for the Peter Cornwell directed The Haunting in Connecticut. The film is based off of a true story, and please ... PLEASE don't let this one be a total let down like American Haunting. ::shudder::

The story involves a cancer suffering teen and his family moving to Connecticut so the parents may retain the services of the same doctor who was previously treating him. The out-of-towners soon realize that their new home is not just some old house but was once a mortuary, and the dead aren't resting in peace.

Lionsgate has ahold of this movie, and we should be seeing it sometime in 2008. With a cast including Virginia Madsen and Elias Koteas, we should keep pretty high expectation that this won't be another ho-hum haunted house flick.

- Syxx

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I was going to mention something about the Discovery Channel version. It was pretty scary, and the story was great. I hope it's a good film for what Discovery made it.

Submitted by weeman01 on Wed, 10/24/2007 - 3:03pm.

I think it was the Discover channel that did a one-hour show on this particular haunting. And it was scary...even for the Discover channel. This is a GREAT story for a movie...as long as they don't screw it up and water it down to a PG rating.

Submitted by manic dave on Wed, 10/24/2007 - 9:03am.

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