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Twilight Teaser #2 & New Stills

I am not sure of the actual ratio of our female-to-male readers, but I am going to risk it and say we have at least 5 women who read the site. The lowball number is based strictly on the lack of Twilight fan fiction on our forums.

UPDATE: Jumpin' Vampires! A New Twilight Trailer!

In case the last three or four videos from Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight haven't driven you away, another trailer has surfaced on YouTube and a hi-def version cropped up at Yahoo Movies for your enjoyment/morbid curiosity.

Twilight Graces EW Cover

Last year Blood & Chocolate taught us that no matter how good your source material is, any filmmaker can turn it into a mind numbing laugh-a-thon suited only for people who believe all of Europe is populated by well dressed Goths and powered by Absinthe.

Twilight, Daylight, Vampires & a Trailer

On December 12th, Twilight may split vampire fans down the middle. I've heard conflicting opinions about the book the film is based on, but I was not expecting to see a bloodsucker flick where they're walking around in daylight!

Robert Pattinson Talks Twilight

As we mentioned earlier today, G4 has another exclusive for the horror genre. This time it is a follow-up to their set visit of the upcoming vampire novel turned big screen feature Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Take a Tour Before Twilight

The vampire love story that is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight looks to fill the giant gap we've had in vampire tales lately. No, I am not going to count I Am Legend as a vamp flick because ... well, just because. Anyway, G4 got an exclusive visit to the set of the big screen adaptation of Twilight. Check out the video below to see how the Catherine Hardwicke directed flick is shaping up.

First Cast Pics From Twilight

Gotta love it when a movie’s not even done being made yet and I’m already sick of hearing about it and seeing it seemingly everywhere. This time that flick is Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, the adaptation of the first book in the vampire series by Stephanie Meyer that we can’t seem to stop talking about (“Four More for Twilight” – February 2008)

Four More For Twilight

Man, I remember first reporting on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight coming to the big screen; good lord, that seems like a long time ago. As of now the project is currently in production in Portland, Oregon, and some new cast members have just been added.

Cedric Finds Twilight

I know you’ve all spent your holidays in a state of worry about what the status was on Catherine Hardwicke’s teen vampire film Twilight, but now you’re mind can finally be at ease. Casting is underway and production is set to start soon.

Hardwicke, Catherine & Meyer, Stephenie (Twilight)

During this past summer’s Comic Con, intrepid reporter Andrew Kasch braved the wilds of screaming girls to take place in a roundtable chat with Tw