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A Few More Sneak Peeks of True Blood Season 5; Countdown to the Premiere

Season 5 of "True Blood" just had its red carpet premiere in Hollywood, California, and HBO has posted some footage of the event from The Buzz that includes brief interviews with creator Alan Ball and the show's stars along with a few new sneak peeks of what we can expect this year.

Prepare for Season 5 of True Blood with a Look Back at Season 4

With Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood" set to debut in just about a week, it's time to revisit the disappointing Season 4 of the series via a quick recap video provided by the network to help us catch up on all of the action from last season including commentary from the actors.

A Few Clips from True Blood Episode 5.01 - Turn! Turn! Turn!

A trio of clips from the upcoming season premiere of HBO's "True Blood" have landed online, and of course we have them for you right here. They total just a little over a minute and a half so spoilers are kept to a minimum.

Pop a Warm One! More True Blood Casting News!

Even though we're just ten days away from the next season of HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood"'s premiere, some more casting news has made its way online, and we've got the scoop on who's next to put the bite on!

Final True Blood Fan Poster Stakes its Claim

We're less than two weeks away from the Season 5 premiere of HBO's "True Blood," and on tap today for followers of the show is the third and final fan poster, which we have to say is definitely our favorite of the bunch.

Gorge on this New Trailer for True Blood Season 5

The fact that Russell Edgington makes his triumphant return gives us hope for Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood". Well, that and a look at Chris Meloni in full blood-spattered vamp mode from the show's newest trailer.

Everything Is at Stake in New True Blood Promo; Season 4 Blu-ray Reminders

HBO typically pulls out all the stops when it comes to promoting "True Blood", and Season 5 is no exception. Check out this new video in which "Everything Is at Stake" along with a couple of cute reminders that the Season 4 Blu-ray will be available May 29th.

Second True Blood Fan Poster "Bleeds the Fifth"

A new fan poster for HBO's "True Blood" (the second of three) landed in our inbox today, and of course we're happy to share it. Check it out, and look for the last one to arrive soon.

New True Blood Season 5 Promo Will Bring You to Tears

Knowing that the start of "True Blood" Season 5 is only three short weeks away should make us happy, but for some reason we just can't stop tearing up after watching this new promo video for the show entitled "Don't Cry, It's Back". Never has waiting sucked so bad!

Darren Bousman's The Barrens Hits Cannes with a New Poster

With his roadshow for The Devil's Carnival in the spotlight, we'd almost forgotten about Darren Bousman's The Barrens, but Voltage Pictures is in Cannes with it and has released a new poster for the film about a man who becomes convinced his family is being stalked by the Jersey Devil.

True Blood Says "Gimme Five" in New Fan Poster

The first of three fan posters for HBO's "True Blood" was released today, and all we can say is "Gimme Five!" right back at it. Check it out here, and look for the other two soon.

First Official Trailer for True Blood Season Five

Finally a full length trailer has been released for the upcoming fifth season of the hit HBO vampire series "True Blood." Sit back, relax, and bite into a warm one. Just remember to wipe your mouth when finished. Blood mustaches look far sillier than milk ones!

A Dozen New Character Posters for True Blood Season 5

With this new batch of character posters for Season 5 of "True Blood" comes good news and bad. Since Denis O'Hare's Russell is among them, we can happily assume we'll be seeing his character again soon. On the minus side, Rutina Wesley's Tara is also there so it looks like reports of her demise may have been premature.

First Look at Scott Foley in True Blood Season 5

At the end of Season 4 of HBO's "True Blood", the 1,006th character whom we have to try and keep track of was introduced. It was Scott Foley as Patrick, Terry's (Todd Lowe) old war vet buddy. Not much was known of him, but TVLine got the scoop along with some images from the forthcoming season.

Shed a Tear for Latest True Blood Artwork

Some snazzy new artwork has been released by HBO in promotion of the next season of their hit (or miss) vampire show "True Blood". Check it out and bring a tissue. It's likely to make you all weepy.