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True Blood "Night on the Sun" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "Everything Is Broken"

And the body count continues piling up in this crazy, sexy, and bloody Season Three of HBO's "True Blood". Who bit the bullet (or rather, the stake) last night? We're not telling in the interest of avoiding spoilers for those who aren't quite caught up yet, but as is our typical Monday tradition, here are the Post Mortem and Inside the Episode for the just completed Episode 32, "Night on the Sun".

True Blood Season Three Finale Synopsis

Finally, after teasing up with descriptions of all the Season Three episodes except the finale - entitled "Evil Is Going On" - HBO has released the synopsis for Episode 36. It's a little spoilerish, though, so proceed at your own risk.

Open House (Blu-ray / DVD)

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Two Clips from True Blood Episode 32 "Night on the Sun"

Episode 32 of HBO's "True Blood", entitled "Night on the Sun", is airing this Sunday, August 8th; and to get you geared up for it, the network has released two preview clips: "Sookie & Alcide" and "Tommy & Hoyt".

True Blood "Hitting the Ground" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "Night on the Sun"

Only five more episodes remain of Season Three of "True Blood", and to say there are a lot of loose ends yet to be tied up is a definite understatement. But before we get to looking at what's coming up in Episode 32, "Night on the Sun", let's take a peek back at the Post Mortem and Inside the Episode for the just completed "Hitting the Ground".

Not Just One, But THREE True Blood Preview Clips for Episode 31!

Oh, how we love "True Blood" here at Dread Central. And a big chunk of that affection goes to HBO, who has provided us with not just one or two, but THREE preview clips for the upcoming Episode 31, "Hitting the Ground", which debuts this Sunday, August 1st.

True Blood "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "Hitting the Ground"

We're halfway through the third season of HBO's "True Blood", and things have reached a fever pitch. Eric spurning Sookie's pleas for help, Lorena torturing Bill to the point of near death, and Sam's valiant efforts to save his younger brother, Tommy, are just the tip of the iceberg. Want more? Check out Ep. 30's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "Hitting the Ground".

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: True Blood Panel News & Season 3 Second Half Preview

Without a doubt one of the most popular, and entertaining, panels at the San Diego Comic-Con is the one for "True Blood" (as the nearly four-hour wait I had to get inside Ballroom 20 proves). Along with lots of scoops and tidbits from the cast, creator Alan Ball, and source material author Charlaine Harris, we were treated to a preview video for the second half of Season 3, which HBO released following the panel and we have for you here.

True Blood "Trouble" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"

Last night's "True Blood" Episode 29, entitled "Trouble", had me laughing out loud several times from its sheer audacity (here's hoping Franklin sticks around for a few more episodes at least - he's so beautifully deranged). If you enjoyed it as much as we did, come on inside for HBO's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues".

Summaries of True Blood Episodes 31-35 (Spoiler Alert!)

Season Three of Alan Ball's "True Blood" has been hot and heavy and loaded with surprises, and from the synopses released today by HBO for Episodes 31-35, it shows no signs of slowing down in the slightest.

True Blood Ep. 28 Post Mortem and Inside the Episode; Ep. 29 Promo

After waiting two full weeks for the follow-up to Bill and Lorena's head-spinning sexcapades, viewers of Episode 28 of "True Blood", entitled "9 Crimes", were rewarded with an action-packed, if slightly more subdued, storyline. Come on inside for HBO's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "Trouble".

True Blood Season 3 Mythology: Vampires and Shape-Shifters

Still feeling a bit of withdrawal from no new "True Blood" episode this past weekend? HBO feels your pain and has provided two new videos for fans of the show: "Mythological Creatures: Shape-Shifters" and "Mythological Creatures: Vampires".

Lionsgate Hosts Open House in August

Lionsgate announced today an August 3rd Blu-ray/DVD release date for its upcoming thriller Open House so it won't be much longer before we get to see a couple of our favorite "True Blood" stars in a whole new light!

True Blood Ep. 27 Post Mortem & Inside the Episode and Ep. 28 Promo

Those of us here at Dread Central who watched last night's episode of "True Blood" entitled "It Hurts Me Too" are still reeling from the closing few moments. Thankfully we have a Post Mortem that focuses on Alcide as we don't even want to think anymore about what's got Bill so twisted up! But if you do, we also have "The Weight of the World", which explores some of the themes uncovered in the ep.

True Blood Bingo and a Clip from Episode 27

"True Blood" fans are already bemoaning the fact that we'll be "Blood"-less on July 4th -- all the more reason to check out a clip from this week's Episode 27, "It Hurts Me Too", and play a little Bingo courtesy of a very loyal supporter of the show.