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Stephen King Talks Dismantling of the Dark Tower at Universal

We're still bummed about Universal pulling the plug on Ron Howard's really ambitious take on adapting the much beloved Stephen King saga The Dark Tower. Are we surprised though? Not really. Another person who saw this coming was King himself. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, King offered the following comments on the film's demise:

Universal Pulls the Plug on The Dark Tower

With all the Comic-Con news filling up our home page, you'd think there's nothing else going on in the world of genre filmmaking, but of course there is, and we're doing our best to bring you all the news that's out there -- even if it's as depressing as this latest story.

Plot Details for Stephen King's Mile 81 eBook Novella

As we told you a few days ago, Stephen King has a new eBook novella on the way this September entitled Mile 81, and now, thanks to his official site, we have word on what it's about. In addition, an excerpt from the author's upcoming 11/22/63 is included in the download. Talk about a win/win!

Warner Bros. Has a Director in Mind to Take The Stand

So with Harry Potter coming to an end, Warner Brothers is looking to secure itself a brand new franchise to turn into a yearly cash cow ... and man, do they have some kickin' source material to choose from.

New Stephen King eBook Mile 81 Coming in September

Can't get enough Stephen King? Then you'll be happy to hear he has a new eBook on the way this September entitled Mile 81.

Pierce Brosnan to Rattle Stephen King's Bag of Bones

With Mick Garris' adaptation of the Stephen King novel Bag of Bones going before cameras very soon, the first bit of casting news has slinked its way online and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Brian Grazer And Ron Howard Talk Dark Tower

With Ron Howard's herculean Dark Tower project on hold for now, fans can't help but lose faith in what should be an epic adaptation of one of Stephen King's greatest works. Good thing for us Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer are ready with updates when we need them the most.

Carrie: The Musical Previews in August

They're all gonna sing with you! They're all gonna sing with you! They're all gonna sing with you! And they will too if they know what's good for them. That's right, kids! Carrie: The Musical is returning to the New York stage and we've got all the info for you!

Read an Excerpt from Stephen King's 11/22/63

Few authors look out for their fans like Stephen King does. He's known for releasing excerpts of his books prior to publication, and his latest, 11/22/63, is no exception. Read on if you're interested in checking out a sneak peek of the novel provided by King's publisher, Scribner.

Carrie the Musical Returning to the New York Stage

And here we go again. Carrie the Musical is returning to the New York stage, this time Off Broadway at the MCC Theater with preview performances set to begin on January 31, 2012. Director Stafford Arima has overhauled the 1988 version with its original creators, with the book (then and now) by Lawrence D. Cohen, music by Michael Gore, and lyrics by Dean Pitchford.

Stephen King's Bag of Bones Begins Filming in July

Another adaptation of a Stephen King tale is gearing up to go in front of cameras with Mick Garris at the helm, and we've got the first few details ready to rock for you right here. Dig it! According to Sea and Be Scene, a mini-series based on Stephen King’s award-winning novel Bag of Bones will begin shooting in Nova Scotia July 6th, 2011, continuing through to August 31st, 2011.

Ron Howard Chimes In with an Update on The Dark Tower

It should come as no surprise to Ron Howard that no matter what he's trying to talk about, all anyone else wants to discuss is the status of his film/TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Such was the case when he got on the phone with EW.com recently. Read on for what the director had to say about the project's current status.

Megan Fox Looking to Play Carrie?

When MGM announced that they would be remaking the Stephen King classic Carrie, again, the door to bad ideas literally flew open. While we pray the movie succeeds, we just know it's going to be put in the hands of the teen-friendly Prom Night film crew or someone of the like. (Please. Someone prove us wrong.) But the disturbing ideas do not end there ...

Stephen King's Under the Dome Moving Closer Toward TV

We've known for a while that Steven Spielberg and Stephen King were joining forces to develop a limited TV series based on King's supernatural thriller Under the Dome, and now that the project has found a writer, it looks like things should be heating up shortly.

Stephen King Talks Carrie Remake

It was just yesterday that MGM announced it was looking to resurrect Stephen King's Carrie in remake form, and today the man himself adds his two cents to the situation. Read on for the details.