Spierig Brothers

Daybreakers Franchise?

While I’m sure the Spierig Brothers Undead follow-up, the futuristic vampire action movie Daybreakers, is going to be pretty damn slick, is it possible it could also be the first of a franchise?

Dafoe Joins Daybreakers

Though we’ve known for a while that Ethan Hawke would be taking a lead role in the Sprierig Brother’s latest film, Daybreakers, today some even cooler casting was revealed.

Neill Breaks Day

Man it sure is taking Lionsgate and/or the Spierig Brothers a long time to get their futuristic vampire flick Daybreakers rolling, but thankfully it’s finally moving forward.

Hawke, Ethan (Daybreakers)

When you think of Ethan Hawke, I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t necessarily a