Snakehead Terror

DVD Releases: March 24, 2009: A Green River Full of Locusts & Snakeheads

We've had some lean DVD offerings in the past, but this week could take the cake for the most paltry. On March 24th, 2009, you can choose among a Czech double-feature, two Sci-Fi Channel (before they were Syfy) originals, the saga of a Japanese serial killer who happens to be handicapped, and an obscure indie that sounds like the best of the bunch.

Snakehead Terror (2004)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Carol Alt, Chelan Simmons, William B. Davis Directed by Paul Ziller Snakehead Terror is a Sci-Fi Channel original movie that was originally made back in 2004, has been in heavy rotation on the network ever since, but is only just now getting a long overdue DVD release. The immediate question becomes, what took me so long to get around to reviewing it?