Check into the Nightclub School Hospital

So yeah. The Chinese are pretty much as insane as the Japanese when it comes to making horror movies, and if you need any more proof of this fact, then check out the trailer for Nightclub School Hospital. Yes, that's right... Nightclub School Hospital. Don't worry; we're just as confused.

Sleeper, The (DVD)

Starring Brittany Belland, E. Ray Goodwin Jr., Jason Jay Crabtree, Joe Bob Briggs Directed by Justin Russell

Throwing Stones Season 2 Finale to Air January 24th, Exclusive Still Here

The popular high school based web series Throwing Stones is set to run its Season 2 finale this Tuesday, January 24. And fans of the series, check this out…we've got an exclusive still from the big episode just for you. Not to give anything away, but this particular image has a girl, zip ties and a pair of shears.

To Die for Concept Trailer - Lovecraftian Slasher Film III

Ever have one of those moments in which you see a trailer and then for the rest of the day it became seared into your brain and you couldn't stop thinking about it? Yeah, this is one of those times for us, it and could be for you, too, once you've seen the concept trailer for III.

Killer New Edition of The House on Sorority Row on its Way!

The House on Sorority Row is once again opening up for business via the wonderful sickos over at Scorpion Releasing, and they're dead set on bringing one hell of a DVD package to fans come the end of this month!

Be the First on Your Block to Own The Orphan Killer Mask

So here you are, sitting on a bunch of Christmas gift cards with nothing to buy. You got all the video games and movies you wanted from the big man in the red suit, and those pre-loaded Visas and MasterCards are burning a hole in your pocket. We've got just the item for you.

Official DVD and VHS(!) Specs and Artwork for The Sleeper

A few weeks ago we brought you the news that Justin Russell's Eighties inspired slasher film The Sleeper was headed to DVD and, yes, VHS, at the end of January; and now we've got the official artwork for both along with all the info that you need! Dig it!

Throwing Stones Joins the 'Club'

Did you ever wonder if the guy who thought up the one-sheet for The Breakfast Club could have imagined that even decades later people would still be emulating the classic "sitting around" setting for their own projects?

Wicked Trailer for Slew Hampshire

Some guys just know how to put together a trailer. The creators of the upcoming film Slew Hampshire definitely know what they're doing. Writer/director Flood Reed brings us a horrific vision of backwoods violence set to some kick-ass background music. In this 90-second trailer you get buckets of blood and the biggest collection of psycho eyes you'll ever see in such a short span of time!

Throwing Stones Heads Into Full Slasher Mode for Season 2; Check Out the Exclusive Trailer and One-Sheet

The producers of the hit web series Throwing Stones have told us from the beginning that Season 1 was all about establishing the characters and Season 2 would begin the bloodbath. Well, get ready to see if they live up to their promise because Season 2 kicks off on January 3rd, 2012.

The Sleeper Wakes Up on DVD Next Year

We've been talking up Justin Russell's Eighties inspired slasher film The Sleeper for many months here at Dread Central, and we are ridiculously happy to announce to you cats that the flick finally has a release date!

Black Friday Deals ... IN DEATH!

There's no more hellish day in the universe than the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. People will literally line up for days in front of stores only to maim and possibly kill each other in the name of saving a few bucks. It's ludicrous for sure, and now one person is about to prove just how lethal this day can be.

Indie Horror Flick Down the Road Nabs Top Honors at ShockFest Film Festival and HorrorQuest Film Festival

Last weekend (November 18/19) writer/director Jason Christopher's debut film Down the Road was named Best Feature during the 2011 ShockFest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, on a night where Eli Roth, James Gunn and Clint Howard (who also has a cameo in Down the Road) were all honored for their contributions to the world of genre cinema.

Exclusive: In-Depth with Ryan Levin on Some Guy Who Kills People

It started with a tweet. I have no idea who put said tweet in my feed, but in that feed there was a trailer for a film that sounded so vague that admittedly my curiosity was piqued. The name? Some Guy Who Kills People.

Smiley Trailer Brings a Huge Smile to Horror Fans' Faces

Here it is! Our favorite trailer of the week from a movie featuring the creepiest looking killer we've seen since Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red! You've called him and he's come. There's no turning back now. Dare you look into the face of Smiley?