Get Sent to Detention on Blu-ray and DVD this July

The official home video announcement for Joseph Kahn's new slasher flick Detention has arrived, and we've got the goods for you right here. Read on to find out what to expect when this much talked about flick makes its way home.

More Details on Stephen King's Upcoming Novel Joyland

Last month we were pretty excited to hear about another new book coming our way from the prolific Stephen King - a slasher for a change - and now we have more details along with the novel's approximate release date.

More Campers Are Left 2 Die

Allow me to say this with as much conviction and vigor as humanly possible - SCREW CAMPING! Most of the time no good ever comes from doing that shit. Insects, deformed murderers, and wiping your ass with a handful of leaves? Nope, not for me.

Official Trailer Captures Some Guy Who Kills People

The official trailer for the horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People is finally here, and it's the first of many things we'll be showing you leading up to the flick's upcoming DVD release. Check it out! Ice cream scooper not included.

New Piggy Clips Will Have You Squealing!

In anticipation of the arrival of Piggy, which Metrodome Distribution has announced will drop on DVD shelves May 21st, we've got several new clips for you to check out including a couple that could be considered, well, kind of vile!

Some Guy Who Kills People Comes to DVD

We've been talking about the horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People for quite some time around these parts. Now, thanks to the wonderfully sick people over at Anchor Bay, we're finally going to get a look at it!

Check Out the Trailer for Brutal New Slasher Billy Club

Who loves horror movies? We all do! Who loves baseball? I do, but probably a lot fewer of you raised your hands for that one. Let's try…Who loves to see people getting hit with baseball bats? Ah, that's better. Check out the trailer for Billy Club.

Madison County (DVD)

Nick Principe, Colley Bailey, Ace Marrero, Natalie Scheetz, Matt Mercer, Joanna Sotomura, Katie Stegeman Directed by Eric England

Not Safe For Work Trailer Premiere for Girls Gone Dead

Every time we see commercials for those "Girls Gone Wild" videos, the only thing that goes through our minds (after we rub one out of course) is, "Wow. Your parents must be really proud of you." Well, at least they weren't killed by a nut dressed as a monk, right? Oh wait...

Dark Delicacies to Host Madison County Cast and Crew Signing, May 8th

As always, one of the best places to go for some of the coolest horror events is Dark Delicacies. This Tuesday, May 8, they've got another big event, a DVD signing featuring the cast and crew from Madison County.

Everybody Squeal! Metrodome Distribution to Release Piggy to Theaters May 4, DVD May 21

Revenge sports an ugly, pig-nosed face in the upcoming film Piggy, which Metrodome Distribution has announced will hit select theaters on May 4 and then drop on DVD shelves May 21.

British Slasher Film Deadtime Gets Censored in the UK

First A Serbian Film then The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) and now the UK is censoring one of their own flicks. We've just gotten word that the British film Deadtime had to have footage removed to make the necessary BFFC18 rating.

Madison County Boycotted! Director Eric England Fricked!

That's right, kids! Director Eric England has fricked with the wrong Jack and as a result the DVD release of his new movie Madison County is being boycotted! Why? Who knows but Little Caesar here is PISSED! Check out the video! Join the movement! Laugh your ass off!

First Trailer for Hallows' Eve Slices its Way Online

Here's the thing... you put Danielle Harris in anything, and we'll watch it. Especially if you surround her with blood, gore, mayhem, sharp implements, disfigurement, etc. Then you really have our attention. Enter the trailer for the newest slasher flick on the block, Hallows' Eve.

Throwing Stones Web Series Comes to Dread Central! Watch the Entire Second Season NOW!

Just last week we brought you guys the entire first season of the hit web series "Throwing Stones" (Season 1 here), and now it's time to turn you on to the much nastier second season! Dig it!