Charlie Adlard's Alternative Issue #1 Walking Dead Magazine Cover

Following up on last week's announcement of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine, we have for you today the alternative Issue #1 cover featuring an exclusive colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard.

Another New Way to Get Your Walking Dead Fix

You know, at this point we just have to ask ourselves if there is there ANY medium The Walking Dead isn't involved in? Books, comics, TV show, a talk show based on the TV show, collectibles, t-shirts, video games, and now this.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Get a Limited Edition The Walking Dead Governor T-Shirt

Talk about timing! After just getting our first look at The Governor from AMC's "The Walking Dead" comes news that starting July 11th (SDCC's Preview Night), Skybound will make available an exclusive new t-shirt featuring the series' iconic villain's famous quote "Kill Them All!"

The Walking Dead Panelists Ready to Shamble Into NY Comic Con

The dead are coming. That's right, "The Walking Dead" will be kicking off Season 2 this Sunday, October 16, for a big ol' 13 episode run. And what better way to prepare for the event than to attend "The Walking Dead" panel at New York Comic Con this Saturday!

New York Comic Con 2011: Horror in the Halls of the Javits Center: The Walking Dead, Ghost Rider, Resident Evil, and More!

By this time next week the 2011 New York Comic Con will be wrapping up for another year, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves -- there are panels to see and toys to buy first! Here's a look at the horror highlights along with a few other genre-related appearances that should be of interest to our readers.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero Present The Walking Dead Line of Products

With the amount of activity comic book author extraordinaire Robert Kirkman has planned over the course of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, it's a wonder they haven't renamed it "Kirkman-Con"! And we just learned of something else he'll be debuting at the show: a new line of products he's creating with Greg Nicotero based on The Walking Dead and other Skybound titles.

Cover Art and More Details on Witch Doctor for Robert Kirkman's Skybound

It was during last year's San Diego Comic-Con that we first got word on Witch Doctor, the debut original comic being published by Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics’ Skybound, and now that WonderCon in San Francisco is just a few days away, more news on Issue #1 is leaking out. From the Press Release:

Horror Related Events and Panels at WonderCon 2011

It may not be as well known as San Diego Comic-Con, its Southern California counterpart, but the San Francisco WonderCon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year as one of the country's best comics and popular arts events. On the fence about attending? Here's a rundown of what genre fans can look forward to at the show.

Robert Kirkman Announces Skybound, a New Division of Image Comics

Robert Kirkman announced today that he is launching and will helm Skybound, a new division of Image Comics that will give a new generation of comic book artists and creators the opportunity to publish their works as Skybound Originals.