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New Trailer and Stills: Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear of Everything

While most of the country is out with their families having Easter dinner or hunting for eggs, we're right here - keyboard in hand - bringing you the latest. Why? Because we're heathens and our real family is YOU! Speaking of which, you owe us a backlog of Xmas and birthday gifts!

Simon Pegg Appears Scared as Hell in First A Fantastic Fear of Everything Image

The first ever image from Crispian Mills' A Fantastic Fear of Everything is here just in time for the upcoming AFM, and even though it's on the small side, it shrieks volumes! Dig it!

Doomsday is Coming! Hide Your Spandex!

No, we're not talking about that silly Mayan jazz or the Rapture (though that last scare was pretty fun)! We're talking about one of the most badass super-villains to walk the Earth, and Max Landis is the cat leading the way!

Exclusive Interview: John Landis Talks Burke & Hare and More!

Thirty years after his horror comedy An American Werewolf in London put him on the genre map, director John Landis is back with his latest project, Burke & Hare, an incredibly dark comedy surrounding two down-on-their-luck 19th century graverobbers (played by Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis) who realize that a local medical school will pay handsomely for fresh cadavers. Being resourceful entrepreneurs, Burke and Hare start causing 'accidents' around Edinburgh in order to fulfill the need for bodies, which eventually spirals out of control in both hilarious and dramatic fashions.

Four Burke & Hare Clips Keep the Laughs Coming

John Landis' horror comedy Burke & Hare is playing RIGHT NOW on VOD, and to give you a bit more incentive as to why you should be spending less time reading this and more time viewing that, we've lined up four clips for you! Look for Burke & Hare to score a limited theatrical release on September 9th!

Heart-Stopping New Burke & Hare Clip

A new clip from the John Landis horror comedy Burke & Hare has hit the interwebs filled with laughs and one hell of a jump scare! Dig on the goods while we all wait patiently for IFC to unleash the flick! Look for Burke & Hare to score a limited theatrical release on September 9th along with a VOD release on August 5th!

Simon Pegg Has A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Finally, after years of working on comedies, thwarting spies, harboring aliens, and flying starships, Simon Pegg is coming back home to something more genre related. That's right, kids. Read on for the first details about his new flick! From the Press Release:

U.S. Trailer Debut - IFC's Burke and Hare; Release News

The folks at IFC (bless their hearts) have released a new trailer for the John Landis horror comedy Burke & Hare along with news of when you'll finally be able to sink your teeth into this one! Dig it! Look for Burke & Hare to score a limited release on September 9th along with a VOD release on August 5th!

IFC to Distribute Burke and Hare

Finally. But hey, at least two movies about best friends who decide to fuck each other got released this year. Thankfully, IFC has stepped in and picked up John Landis' Burke and Hare for distribution. No word on a release date yet, however.

Full Burke and Hare Image Gallery Unearthed

There haven't been many publicity materials available for the new John Landis horror comedy now haunting the UK, but we kept our shovels firmly planted in the ground and have dug up nearly two dozen images for you.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Some Out of This World Paul Swag

Though we haven't been covering the film at all, mainly because it's a sci-fi comedy, we couldn't resist the chance to hook you guys up with some neat swag from Universal Pictures' latest flick Paul! Read on for your chance to win!

Italian One-Sheet for Burke & Hare Light on the Seasoning

Though Italy is known for lots of spice and zaniness, when it comes to their theatrical one-sheets, it looks like creativity is getting "the boot" in favor of recycling what's already appeared elsewhere. Take a peek at the new Italian poster for Burkey and Hare and see if you don't agree.

Two New Clips from Burke and Hare Bring on the Dark Comedy

Two new clips coming in to kick off your Saturday with a chuckle from John Landis' Burke and Hare. Pull up a seat and dig it like a grave.

A Look at the Lighter Side of Burke and Hare

Though there's still no word on a domestic release for John Landis' latest film Burke and Hare, the UK promotions machine is in full swing as you'll see from this latest tidbit which show's off some of Landis' trademark dark humor.

New Quad One-Sheet: Burke and Hare

While yesterday brought the official UK trailer, today we see the official quad one-sheet for the John Landis directed true crime tale of the macabre, Burke and Hare!