Silent Hill

Amusing New Silent Hill: Revelation Set Imagery

Well, not amusing in the funny "ha ha" kind of way. We're talking more along the lines of some truly evil shit happens here amusing. You know, just the way we like things! Below you'll find a couple of set images from the Silent Hill Amusement Park. Don't you just want to buy a ticket and step inside? For more click on the link below courtesy of Sara Collaton Photography.

More Casting News for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D; Another New Image Released!

Two more big names have signed on for director Michael J. Bassett’s Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which is currently lensing in Toronto, Canada -- Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix Trilogy, Memento) and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Halloween II).

Dozens and Dozens of Behind-the-Scenes Set Images - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

While we all eagerly await the release of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, we already know one thing for an absolute fact - the Cambridge, Ontario location is a dead ringer for that spooky place we all love so much.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - A View from the Set

The Internet has changed everything. It used to be that you would have to wait months to see images from the sets of your most anticipated movies. If some onlookers happened to be around with a camera, they'd snap a few photos for themselves, and that would be that. Those days are long gone.

Three Original Silent Hill Stars Returning for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D; New Image Released!

Now this is the kind of news we love to report. Three of the stars of the original Silent Hill are returning to the franchise, and we even have a picture of one of them in action! From the Press Release:

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - Konami Talks Second Film

With filming now under way in Canada for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, the video game company that launched the franchise, Konami, has chimed in with its thoughts on the second film. From the Press Release

UPDATE: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Starts Casting - First Image of Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason

The first image from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is here, and we have it for you along with a bit of casting news free of fog, ash, and the menace of twisted creatures waiting to pounce at every turn. Dig it! From the Press Release:

Director Michael J. Bassett Talks Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Wondering what direction the ever so twisty and turny Silent Hill series will take for its second cinema adventure? Wonder no more as director Michael J. Bassett sheds some light on what lies beyond all of that misty fog.

More on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

A couple of days ago we confirmed that the next chapter in the theatrical Silent Hill saga, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, is indeed on its way. A few more details have come to flesh things out a bit for you! From the Press Release

AFM 2010: Michael Bassett to Helm Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Some huge news out of AFM for fans of the Silent Hill franchise: Michael Bassett, director of Solomon Kane (a film we're still hoping to see someday soon), will both write and direct Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (the newly renamed sequel to Christophe Gans' Silent Hill) on location this winter in the Toronto area.

DVD Releases: 6/1/2010: The Wolfman Gets Cornered by a Killer Swarm!

It's an odd week for DVD and Blu-ray lovers with a couple of new releases but mostly just a lot of rehashes and semi-strange pairings such as Identity and Secret Window .

A New Silent Hill on the Way From Konami

Earlier in the month video game journalists gathered together in San Francisco for Konami's annual Gamers Night, an event where Konami reveals new line-ups, hands-on gameplay, and sometimes teaser trailers that make you cry “MOAR”.

Dread Central Goes to Sinister Pointe

Last year, Jeff Schiefelbein's Saw: The Haunted Attraction scared up a lot of business and became recognized as one of Southern California's biggest and best Halloween mazes. This year, Scheifelbein and his crew have returned to deliver Sinister Pointe - a new attraction with two brand spankin' new mazes: "Fear", an original maze of Jeff's design and "Silent Hill" which throws you right in the middle of Konami's terrifying game series.

Silent Hill Scribe Roger Avary Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Speaking as someone who’s lost a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver, this is a tough story to sympathize with. Academy Award winning writer/director Roger Avary has been sentenced to a year in prison after a drunk driving incident claimed the life of a friend and left others with serious injuries.

Silent Hill Haunted Attraction Coming this October

Here at Dread we're absolute suckers for haunted mazes and attractions. Last year we saw more than our share of badass parks from Universal's Halloween Horror Nights to Knott's Scary Farm...but one of the stand-outs was Jeff Schiefelbein's jaw-dropping "SAW: The Haunted Attraction" in Orange County, CA.