Sideshow Collectibles

A Brief History of Werewolves in Plastic

With record snowfall to keep him locked inside with his toys and a new The Wolfman opening in theatres today, of course Nomad turned to his blog to celebrate werewolves by taking a look back at some of the best werewolf figures of the past several years. Nomad's Idle Hands Blog jogs the memory banks with mentions of these furry friends in their non furry format:

A Peek at Undying Carcass, the Next The Dead Premium Format Figure

One of Dread Central's favorite corpse-themed collectibles is Sideshow Toys' line of The Dead figures, and today they provided their newsletter subscribers with a first look at "Undying Carcass", the next Premium Format Figure in the series.

Throne of the Slayer - Buffy Summers Maquette Available for Pre-Order Next Week

It's been a while since we've gotten any new figures from the venerable Buffy the Vampire Slayer line of collectibles, but thanks to Sideshow, that's about to change as they've just announced a new maquette entitled "Throne of the Slayer".

New Jason Statue on its Way from Sideshow

If there's a horror icon who's been memorialized in resin, vinyl, and plastic more often than Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees, I certainly can't think of it. And now, thanks to Sideshow, we're about to get yet another incarnation of the hockey-masked killer!

Terminator 2: T-800 Collectible Coming in 2010!

It could be argued that Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the best of the series; certainly Arnold never looked better than he did in his portrayal of the T-800 sent to protect young John Connor. And thanks to Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles, soon you'll be able to add a brand new version of Arnie's T-800 to your collection.

The Dead Give Good Head

And do they ever! One of Dread Central's favorite corpse-themed collectibles is Sideshow Toys' line of The Dead figures. Standing in at twelve inches tall, these shambling badasses pack a lot of bite. But now ... there's a whole new way to enjoy them!

Sideshow Presents Its Vlad the Impaler Premium Format Figure

As part of its "Live by the Sword" line, Sideshow Collectibles has a new Premium Format Figure to tempt you to whip out your charge cards: Vlad the Impaler! Vlad, who is sculpted in stunning 1:4 scale, comes in both standard and exclusive versions with an estimated ship date of 3rd Quarter 2010.

Sideshow Teases New Jason. Mama's Boy Now Dual Wields!

In keeping with the spirit of Friday the 13th, everyone's favorite maker of super-expensive yet completely badass collectibles, Sideshow Toys, has unveiled an exclusive teaser for their upcoming Jason figure.

Mad Hatter and Mummy Mickey from Medicom

Medicom has held a Disney license for some time now ... sometimes creating beautiful vinyl figures capturing every inch of your favorite characters and sometimes taking that character to extremes we never expected!

Meet Subject 245: The Punk of The Dead

Ready to do a little holiday shopping in July? December will be here before we know it, but thanks to Sideshow Collectibles you can cross one gift off your list now - Subject 245: The Punk, the newest addition to their line of zombie figures known as The Dead, which is set to ship out in 4th Quarter, 2009.

More Dead Rise! The Butcher Comes!

In this age of Swine Flu or whatever they're calling it today, we need a hero. And Sideshow Collectibles is giving us a 12" undead one as part of their stellar Dead series. Ladies and gentlemen, here's a sneak peek at Subject 16566: The Butcher!

Toy Fair '09: Sideshow's Creature Bust!

Of all the amazing collectibles that come out of the U.S. Toy Fair every year, Sideshow Collectibles is the one company that always seems to have the cream of the crop. This year is no exception; as you can see to your right, they’re finally coming out with a life-size Creature From the Black Lagoon bust later this year!

Get Patient Zero Now!

We’ve been waiting for a long time for Sideshow to finally fully reveal their Patient Zero premium format figure, and now I’m happy to say the wait is finally over.

Sideshow's Patient Zero Goes 1:4 Scale?

There's no question Sideshow Collectibles puts out some really cool stuff, my favorite of which has always been their Dead series. Who doesn't want a collection of zombies on their shelf? Now it seems the Dead are going to be getting a little bigger!

Sideshow's New Dead: The Harbinger!

I love that Sideshow has the presence of mind to create a series all their own that they can continue making ad infintum with any variations of zombie they can think of. That’s what we call forward thinking, fiends.