Short Films

Exclusive First Look at the Trailer for Hell's Belles

With Christian Ackerman’s short film Hell’s Belles having a Dread Central co-sponsored "invitation only" red carpet premiere this Saturday, March 24th, in Hollywood, California, we thought it time to offer you an exclusive look at the film’s trailer. Read on!

Indie Horror Month: Dave Reda Readying 'Love Potion #8' Short and 'Shadow' Feature Films

One of the most promising indie filmmakers we've come across here at Dread Central is Dave Reda, and he just dropped us a line with an update on two new projects he has in the works at Elftwin Films: a short film entitled Love Potion #8 and his second feature, Shadow.

Take a New Look at a Classic Fairy Tale in Animated Short Film Red

We all know last year's Twilight-esque film Red Riding Hood left a lot to be desired. It was perhaps with that fact in mind that filmmakers Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot created their animated short film Red.

Check Out Short Film I Spyders for a Limited Time

As you guys know, we do our best to share quality short horror films with you when we find them. This is a good one. If nasty looking spiders aren't scary enough, how about one in your ear. Ladies and germs, we give you I Spyders.

Indie Horror Month: Short Film Debut - Andrew Kasch's Thirsty

Feeling parched for some horror comedy? Then pull up a chair and get ready for all sorts of beverage-induced hilarity with Dread Central’s own Andrew Kasch’s short film Thirsty, which we are proud to debut (for 24 hours only!) as part of our Indie Horror Month celebration this March.

Teaser Trailer for Stay at Home Dad Milks the Terror

Sometimes your home life can be even more bizarre than anything you see in any movie, anywhere. Especially if John Skipp, Andrew Kasch, FX legend Mark Shostrom, Cody Goodfellow, and Buz Wallick have anything to say about it. Get ready to get teased in the strangest of ways.

Indie Horror Month Interview and Short Film Debut: UK Filmmaker Jen Moss Discusses Not So Lovely Films and The Morning After

With a filmmaking dream in mind and horror in her heart, in 2010 Jen Moss established UK production house Not So Lovely Films alongside fellow horror lovers Ailsa Scott and Catriona Scott.

Scared of the Dark? Check Out Kitsie Duncan in the Myctophobia Teaser

We've all got our demons and fears, and the dark has always been a big one for many people... at least that's what I hear. Filmmaker Bryan Wolford taps right into that vein with his new film Myctophobia. Check out the teaser, and leave the lights on.

Two More Unique Creations From the Mind of Pierre Ayotte

Okay, you saw the one-of-a-kind film The Massacrator from Pierre Ayotte earlier this week and survived that dose of insanity quite well so we've got two more creations from Ayotte that are sure to raise an eyebrow or two. We bring you Satan, Jesus and Elvis and Date With a Chicken.

Avoid Late Fees! Magnolia Sets a Date for V/H/S!

Eagerly awaiting the highly acclaimed anthology flick V/H/S (review here)? Then we are about to make you incredibly happy as some rock solid release news has come in!

Paolo Has a Serious Case of Blue Balls in Short Film The Headless Lover

We recently got a tip on a Danish short film entitled The Headless Lover, and keeping to our promise to bring you the best of horror from across the globe, we checked it out. What we saw made us cringe, made us laugh and was almost certainly the best made short film we've seen in a while.

Indie Horror Month Announcement: Jen Moss' Horror Comedy Short The Morning After to Premiere This Friday

For our second annual month-long Indie Horror Month celebration, Dread Central is kicking things up a notch from last year by providing all sorts of independent genre-related coverage as well as hosting online premieres of several clever indie projects from filmmakers around the globe.

Check Out the Sci-Fi Short Film Series Swine

A group of rebels battling with laser guns against an oppressive, strong-armed regime. Sound familiar? Swine is probably what Star Wars would have resembled if George Lucas was forced to operate on a shoestring, nearly non-existent budget.

Arachnophobes Beware! Eight-Legged Beasties Run Wild in Short Film Spider Danger!

Is there anything creepier than a really good spider movie? Maybe finding a big spider in your bed is creepier, but we'd say spider movies rank right up there in the skin-crawling department. Andrea Ricca tapped into that fear for his new short film, Spider Danger, which we have in its entirety.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Haunted by Magnificat

It's Wednesday. Hump day isn't as nearly as fun as it sounds, and you're looking for something neat and nasty to get you through the day. That's why we're here. On tap is another short film which brings with it a high dosage of the creeps.