Sherwood Horror

New Stills Serve Up Some Sherwood Horror

John Regan is nothing if not tenacious. We've been covering his project Sherwood Horror since 2009, with the last update given over four years ago. Still, he's holding on to his dream, and you have to appreciate that. Here's a pair of new stills from his upcoming proof of concept trailer, which we should see soon.

Sherwood Horror Sinks its Fangs into a Maid Marian

We've been bringing you news on the modern day Robin Hood with vampires flick Sherwood Horror for over a year now. Filming has still yet to commence. Today we were sent word that the film has finally found its Maid Marian -- an actress I've never heard of.

Two More Sign On and New Concept Art: Sherwood Horror

Never mind the bloated version of Robin Hood in theatres now; what you're really looking for is some quality time with a more murderous kind of merry men, right? If so, you'll be happy to hear that some more casting news and concept art have come in for John Regan's Sherwood Horror. Dig it!

Sherwood Horror Adds a Legendary Character Actor

The makers of the upcoming Robin Hood-inspired fright flick Sherwood Horror continue to keep us updated on the latest goings-on with their film as it continues to creep towards the filming stage. The latest being the signing of a legendary screen tough guy who may be most famous for the scene in Deliverance when he made Ned Beatty squeal like a pig.

Sherwood Horror Update

We continue getting updates on the progress of Sherwood Horror, a modern day horror version of Robin Hood with an ex-con Robin Hood type getting out of jail and returning to his hometown now ruled by vampires. The film has yet to begin shooting, but it looks like that is about to change given a special effects artist is now onboard and we have a look at the conceptual art of the vampirized Sheriff Nottingham.

Sherwood Horror Cast Expands Again

The cast continues to grow for John Regan's Sherwood Horror, a contemporary set re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend with bite.

New Sherwood Horror Poster Makes Not Merry

More casting news and a new concept poster have come in for John Regan's Sherwood Horror, a modern reworking of Robin Hood with a horror twist.

Robin Hood Goes Southern Gothic in Sherwood Horror

Forget about in the days of yore. In days of gore is what Sherwood Horror will bring us. A contemporary re-imagining of Robin Hood set in a small Southern town overrun by vampires? Don't you worry, never fear, Rob Locksley will soon be here.