Shark Week: 8 Shark Attack Horror Movies Currently Available for Instant Streaming on Netflix

Even if you live in a pineapple under the sea or threw your television out the window in a drunken fit of rage one night a few weeks ago, you're likely aware that we're currently balls deep into Shark Week...

Real-Life Jaws Attacks in California - Insane Video!

There's no bargaining with a shark. If it decides to bite you, it's going to. If it decides you're tasty enough to devour, it will relentlessly attack, hoping to be able to either kill or come away with a part of you for its meal. This is why I only go in pools. My own pool, too. Screw those public urine-filled ones.

Promo for Syfy's August 22nd Back-to-Back Shark Attack with Sharknado and Ghost Shark

In just one week Syfy is going back to the Sharknado well and teaming its juggernaut film with the premiere of Ghost Shark. Check out the combo promo for the August 22nd event here!

Three New Sneak Peeks of Ghost Shark and a Slew of Promo Videos for Syfy's July 27th #Sharkathon

Syfy is riding high on "Shark-Mentum" in the wake of its Sharknado phenomenon, and on August 22nd they're going back to the well with Ghost Shark. Curious? Check out these three new sneak peeks.

Nearly 400 Lbs. of Evil Jumps into Fishing Boat

We pick and choose exactly what kind of reality based stories to cover here on Dread Central, mainly because, well, real world news is depressing and more horrific than anything we can conjure up. However, every now and again something grabs us (or should I say bites us?), and we can't resist. Case in point ...

New Official Trailer for The Reef Surfaces

A new official trailer for Andrew (Black Water) Traucki’s Australian killer shark flick, The Reef, swam its way to the shores of our Dread Central offices, and it'll give you even more encouragement to STAY OUT OF THE WATER! Synopsis:

Bloody Behind-the-Scenes Stills from Syfy's Swamp Shark

Any good shark movie needs a body count (or maybe a calorie count?) to go along with its massive toothy beast. Syfy's upcoming production of Swamp Shark is no different and we've got some gore soaked behind-the-scenes imagery for you to gander at! Swamp Shark stars Kristy Swanson, Robert Davi, D.B. Sweeney, and shockingly, hard as it might be to believe, not Corin Nemec.

More Casting News! Check Out Who's Joining Halle Berry in Dark Tide

Sharks or not, if Halle Berry asks us to go swimming, we're jumping in the water first and asking questions later. I mean, who could resist? Certainly not the following actors who'll be joining her in her latest film, Dark Tide.

Trailer Shows Us a Swamp Shark Hungry for a Swanson Dinner

What's up with all the b-movie mutant shark flicks of late? This year already gave us Dinoshark, and later in 2010 we get Sharktopus and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. Just yesterday I showed you the trailer for Super Shark Attack about a humongous land shark. Today brings us the trailer for Swamp Shark starring Kristy Swanson, Robert Davi, D.B. Sweeney, and shockingly, hard as it might be to believe, not Corin Nemec. Next stop, Syfy!

Trailer for Latest Killer Shark Flick, The Reef Surfaces

The official trailer for Andrew (Black Water) Traucki’s new Australian killer shark flick, The Reef, has been unleashed, and we didn't even have to chum the waters!

Sharks, 3D, Heidi Montag, Boobs, and Delusions of Grandeur

A 3D movie involving sharks and a big-breasted blonde's boobs? Shouldn't The Buz be writing this story? Is there even a story here? There will be if Heidi Montag has it her way. God help us.

First Details: The Reef Shows its Teeth

Sharks are probably one of the scariest creatures on the planet. There's just no reasoning with them. You're not a person in their cold black eyes. You, just like everything else in their way, are simply lunch. Hell, depending on your size, maybe even just a snack! It's that very justified fear of these creatures that the filmmakers behind The Reef hope to tap into.

New Fright Rags in Evilshop!

It’s been a long, long, long time since we directed you guys over to Evilshop, but that’s because we’re nice guys. We know the economy isn’t what it used to be and who are we to tell you to spend your money?

Goblin Sharks Attack Malibu

I think it was a few years ago I was engaged in a conversation on another message board talking about what sort of animals have yet to be used in a nature gone amok movie that should be given the killer animal treatment. Someone in the thread suggested the goblin shark. Most people probably don't even know the goblin shark is a real animal, a rarely seen deep sea shark with an oddly shaped head boasting a larger than average snout.

Bait for the Shark Swarm

Coming just a few weeks after we showed you the Shark Swarm poster ("Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!" - November 2007), RHI Films has now updated their official website with 105 pictures from the fish flick. The pics are small and heavily watermarked, but something is better than nothing.