Sean Cain

Exclusive: Writer/Director Sean Cain Talks Jurassic Block

With filmmaker Sean Cain having recently wrapped his "sorority girls vs. dinosaurs" flick Jurassic Block, we sat down to chat with the affable writer and director regarding the project. Read on for more, including several stills and a look behind the scenes!

Silent Night, Zombie Night Sets a Release Date; First Look at the Box Art and New Trailer

At long last, director Sean Cain’s zombie flick Silent Night, Zombie Night is finally crawling from the grave and onto home entertainment this October 4th via Pacific Entertainment Corporation, just in time for the encroaching holiday season, and we’ve got a first look at the box art, a new trailer and disc specs. Read on!

Indie Horror Month: Sean Cain’s Five Favorite Indie Horror Movies

While putting together our Indie Horror Month coverage, we decided to reach out to some of our favorite independent filmmakers working today to hear from them on what some of their favorite independent genre flicks are.

Breath of Hate Website Breathes Anew

Dread Central got exclusive word from director Sean Cain that the website for the upcoming horror flick Breath of Hate has been completely revamped with all sorts of goodies today. Included you'll find tons of new images, video, easter eggs and more!

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut: Sean Cain's Breath of Hate

With director Sean Cain busy putting the finishing touches on Breath of Hate, he also checked in with Dread Central to give us an exclusive look at the brand new poster for the flick, designed by Jason Beam.

Trailer Debut: Sean Cain's Breath of Hate

Finally, after months of talking about it, the trailer debut for Sean Cain's latest film, Breath of Hate, is upon us; and we have to admit star Ezra Buzzington appears to be gloriously psychotic!

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 9

It's hard to believe Dread Central readers that it's been about 3 1/2 months since I posted my last video production blog for the upcoming twisted horror flick Breath of Hate, but here we are in January 2010, and I thought what better way to move forward into a new year than by giving you an exclusive look at some more behind-the-scenes shenanigans from the set.

Event Report: Silent Night, Zombie Night Does Vegas!

This past weekend Christmas came early to Las Vegas, and it brought along with it a fun little zombie flick called Silent Night, Zombie Night (review here). The Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas held a screening of Sean Cain's yuletide horror flick, and Dread Central's own Heather Wixson was on hand to host the gathering and the Q&A that followed.

Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009)

Reviewed by Heather Wixson Starring Jack Forcinito, Andy Hopper, Nadine Stenovitch, Lew Temple, Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose Directed by Sean Cain “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Silent Night, Zombie Night's December 19th Screening With Director and Stars

Beginning on December 19th, silent nights are going to have more than just killer Santas to contend with, as now Christmas will also be host to a zombie invasion. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, find out where to catch Silent Night, Zombie Night.

Spend a Silent Night, Zombie Night in Vegas

Well, fiends, just in time for the holidays comes a little Christmas zombie action! On Saturday, December 5th, Silent Night, Zombie Night will be screening in Las Vegas at the Sci-Fi Center (2520 State Street, Las Vegas, NV) starting at 8:00 PM.

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 8

The Horror Chick Heather Wixson took a brief vacation so there was a delay in all of her Breath of Hate goodies. But fear not; she's back, and we've got Day Eight right here for you!

Breath of Hate Website Now Live

Dread Central got exclusive word from director Sean Cain that they have unveiled the website for the upcoming horror flick Breath of Hate today.

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 7

Hey, Dread fiends, hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day! Now that you've had some time to reboot, The Horror Chick Heather Wixson has your next Breath of Hate on-set Video Production Blog.

He Will Friggin' Kill You!

Creep Creepersin is back with another film about a violent and deranged soul who just can't control himself. No, it's not the Uncle Creepy bio-pic, it's an indie effort known only as ... He.