Screen Gems

Legion: See What You Won't See in Theatres RIGHT NOW!

Going out to see Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion this Friday? Yeah, we will be too, but first we've gotten our little angelic talons into about twenty minutes of B-roll for you to check out!

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Legion

Ready for a behind-the-scenes look at Legion? We're ready to get behind any movie that features a possessed old lady crawling around on the ceiling Exorcist III style!

More Angelic Mayhem in New Legion Clip

Another new clip from Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion showed up today featuring Tyrese Gibson trying to play hero in the face of some truly loony odds.

New Legion Clip: Angel Fight

Another new clip from Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion showed up today entitled "Angel Fight", and of course we've got it here for your viewing pleasure.

Slay the Wicked in Legion Online Game

What better way could you ask for to kick off the holidays than a chance to kill yourself some angels and demons online? Ah, carnage! We love you so much!

First Official Image: Screen Gems' The Roommate

Screen Gems released the first official still from its upcoming psycho thriller The Roommate today, and as you may have guessed, it features the horrified visage of someone who's really not happy with the person she ended up living with.

Ho Ho Horror! New Legion Clip Spreads Christmas Fear

What better way to kick off the holidays than with a little demonic trickery? That's just what we get in the new clip from Legion entitled "Gladys Christmas"! This is the chick I wanna take caroling with me! Dig it!

A Brand New Legion Website Launches

Ready for a little angel on angel (and demon) action with some pesky humans caught in the middle? No, we're not talking about the current season of "Supernatural"; instead we're talking about Legion, which just earned its wings by getting a spiffy new website!

Scott Stewart's Priest Wraps Up Production

Thanks once again to the all-powerful Twitter, we've heard straight from the horse's mouth (in this case, director Scott Stewart's) that production on Screen Gems' adaptation of Min-Woo Hyung's Tokyo Pop comic Priest is a wrap!

Stepfather, The (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Dylan Walsh, Penn Badgely, Sela Ward, Amber Heard, Paige Turcco Directed by Nelson McCormick The remake of The Stepfather is about as worthless a Hollywood remake as you are ever going to see.

Six New Legion Character Posters

Six new badass posters of some of the characters from Scott Stewart's upcoming angels vs. angels smackdown Legion showed up online today, and they also come with a message.

Priest and Roommate Release Date Changes

The upcoming suspense thriller The Roommate was originally planned to debut on October 1, 2010. The good news is that you'll be able to catch the Christian Christiansen-directed flick a few weeks earlier, on September 17, 2010. Read on for more info...

Madchen Amick to See a Priest

Fans of "Californication" will be happy to find out that their favorite milf will soon be contending with a lot more than just unleashed libidos and the ever wandering penis of Hank Moody. Madchen Amick has just signed on to co-star in Priest for Screen Gems.

True Blood's Stephen Moyer Joins Priest

"True Blood" fans are going to get their chance to see one of their favorite small screen vamps in theatres as Bill Compton himself has joined the cast of Priest.

Karl Urban Dons a Black Hat for Priest

Well before he hit the big time as Eomer in LOTR: The Two Towers and LOTR: Return of the King, Karl Urban caught our eye in a little Kiwi flick called The Irrefutable Truth About Demons. And now it looks like he'll be returning to his horror roots in Screen Gems' Priest as he was cast to play the film's big bad known as Black Hat.