Scott Reynolds

Get Wrapped Up in this Latest Dexter Podcast with the Show's Costume Designer

"Dexter" took this past Sunday off in honor of Labor Day Weekend, but to help fill the gap, Showtime released a new Wrap-Up audio podcast in which producer Scott Reynolds sits down with costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager.

Check Out the Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast from San Diego Comic-Con 2013

During last month's San Diego Comic-Con, "Dexter" producer Scott Reynolds sat down with #TeamBatista - David Zayas and Aimee Garcia - to discuss the show and then is joined by Julie Benz for this special edition of the "Dexter" Wrap-Up Podcast.

A Sneak Peek of Dexter Episode 8.01 A Beautiful Day; New Wrap-Up Podcast with Miguel Prado

Ready for the premiere of the final season of "Dexter" this weekend? To help get you even more excited, here's a clip from Episode 8.01, "A Beautiful Day," along with another Wrap-Up Audio Podcast featuring a blast from the past.

Meet Dexter Season 8's Dr. Evelyn Vogel and Listen to a New Audio Wrap-Up Podcast with the Doomsday Killer

Charlotte Rampling guest stars as Dr. Evelyn Vogel in "Dexter" Season 8, and we have a new video that provides a bit more info on her relationship with Dex during the show's final season.

Time for Another Dexter Blast from the Past via this New Audio Wrap-Up Podcast with Trinity

Showtime has released another of its awesome "Wrap Up" audio podcasts for "Dexter," and this one features the biggest bad of all, the Trinity Killer embodied by John Lithgow.

Get a Blast from the Past with a New Dexter Audio Wrap-Up Podcast with Rita and Lila

Remember those "Wrap-Up" podcasts Showtime posted last year after every episode of "Dexter"? Well, they're baaaaack! In this installment producer Scott Reynolds sits down with Julie Benz (Rita) and Jaime Murray (Lila).

Dexter Not Done After Next Season?

A lot of people, including some Dread Central staff members, have fawned over this season of "Dexter." Me personally? Not so much. In fact, I was happy to hear that next season would be the last. However, it seems as if Showtime may have other plans.

New Podcast Wraps Up Season 7 of Dexter

We're still not sure how Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) managed to hug a bloody corpse at the end of last night's finale of "Dexter" without getting a drop of the red stuff on her party dress, but maybe this final "Wrap-up" podcast of Season 7 will shed some light on things. If not, at least we get to hear once again from Sgt. Doakes!

Dexter Bonus Wrap-Up Podcast Focuses on Early Cuts Webisodes

Showtime has released a bonus "Wrap-Up" podcast for "Dexter" today, and this one focuses on the Early Cuts webisodes that were created as a tie-in to the show. Listen in as producer Scott Reynolds sits down with David Mack, the animator behind Early Cuts.

Dexter Draws Lots of Record Breaking Ratings Blood

This weekend's offering of both "Dexter" and "Homeland" provided Showtime with a record breaking one-two punch in terms of ratings, knocking out other previous records with quite the wallop. Read on for details.

Hear Michael C. Hall Discuss Dexter Episode 7.11 - Do You See What I See? in the Latest Wrap-Up Podcast

Showtime didn't waste any time in releasing its "Dexter" podcast this week, and we have it right here for your listening pleasure. Check out the "Wrap-Up" of Episode 7.11, "Do You See What I See?", with series star Michael C. Hall.

New Podcast Wraps Up Dexter Episode 7.10 - The Dark... Whatever

Time for another "Wrap-Up" podcast for Showtime's "Dexter," and this week we hear from series co-star Desmond Harrington, who sits down with producer Scott Reynolds, after which Reynolds is joined by executive producer Scott Buck to answer fan questions.

Get Wrapped Up in Showtime's Podcast for Dexter Episode 7.08 - Argentina

Another "Wrap-Up" podcast has arrived for Showtime's "Dexter," this time focusing on the recently aired Episode 7.08, "Argentina." Listen in as producer Scott Reynolds sits down with director Romeo Tirone and then is joined by executive producer Scott Buck to answer fan questions.

Take Some Time to Wrap-Up Dexter Episode 7.07 - Chemistry

The next installment in Showtime's "Dexter" Wrap-Up Podcast is now live for Episode 7.07, "Chemistry," and if you're a fan of the show, you won't want to miss producer's Scott Reynolds chat with editor Louis Cioffi.

Wrap-Up the First Half of Dexter Season 7 with The Official Podcast

Showtime has released the first six episodes of its "Dexter" Wrap-Up Podcast in video form, and if you're enjoying this season - and guest star Yvonne Strahovski, who appears in the newest one - you'll definitely want to give them a listen.