Scott Kosar

Eli Roth, Eric Newman, and Scott Kosar Involved in History Channel's New Jesus Project that Could Include Exorcism

We've all heard it said that Jesus was the first zombie, but the first exorcist? If this latest news of a potential series on History is correct, that's exactly how he'll be portrayed! Read on for the details.

New Vlad Tale to Be Sans Vampires But Still Bloody

We've been talking about Summit Entertainment's Vlad for over a year now, and finally director Anthony Mandler has given a bite-sized update for eager fans waiting to see Dracula once again on the big screen. The only catch? We're not getting Dracula.

Exclusive: Brad Anderson Talks Future Projects: Updates on Jack, All Lost Souls and Concrete Island

While doing the press rounds for his upcoming thriller Vanishing on 7th Street, we got a chance to chat with director Brad Anderson about the status of some of his future projects also, and there are a few things that will pique the interest of you, dear readers.

Ryan Kwanten Leads The Family in New Manson Flick

The hideous crimes committed by Charles Manson and his family still very much send a chill down the spines of those who know of the truly gory details, and if over a century of films has taught us anything, it's that great tragedy often equals

Scott Kosar to Sharpen Vlad's Fangs

There's been a little bit of doubt concerning whether or not Summit Entertainment's latest take on the tale of everyone's favorite bloodsucker Dracula, entitled Vlad, was going to happen. Good news came today, however, as the studio has tapped a writer to polish the film's original screenplay. One who possesses some genre bite!

Kosar Working on Satanic Thriller With Platinum Dunes

Amid all the other projects the Platinum Dunes boys have their hands in as of late, including the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that was confirmed yesterday, it’s good to see they’re still working on original concepts as well.

Overture Preps Crazies Remake

Though it’s not really news, as we’ve mentioned this more than once before, Variety reports this morning that Overture Films is finally moving forward on the long-gestating remake of George Romero’s The Crazies with Sahara helmer Breck Eisner still seated firmly in the director’s chair.

Crazies Redux Still Alive

Back when Brad Anderson was attached to direct and Scott Kosar was supposed to write the remake of George Romero’s The Crazies, it was a project I was really looking forward to. Then it fell apart and I thought to myself “Well, it’s probably for the best…”