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#SDCC14: Explore The Walking Dead's Video Comic-Con Diary; Soundbites from the Panel

It's easy for those of us who attend SDCC for work to forget what a cool experience it can be for fans... and the celebrities who are the recipients of said fans' attentions. Go behind the scenes - and to the panel - with the cast & crew of "The Walking Dead."

#SDCC14: The Walking Dead Season 5 - Expect More Ferocity, Bigger Setpieces, and a New State of Decay; Update on the Spin-off

Yesterday Andrew reported in from the SDCC panel for "The Walking Dead," the Season 5 trailer arrived, and we took part in roundtables with the cast and crew, the highlights of which you'll find right here.

#SDCC14: Everything You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Panel Including the Season 5 Trailer

We're reporting live on the floor from AMC's "The Walking Dead" panel, and we've got some goodies to pass along, from the direction of the upcoming season to the impending Blu-ray release of Season 4.

Scott Gimple Talks The Walking Dead's End Game and More!

There's been talk of AMC's "The Walking Dead" lasting up to 12 seasons (or more), but recently showrunner Scott Gimple discussed just how long it could go, what the end game would be, and more. Read on!

Missing The Governor on The Walking Dead? Exec Producers Drop Some Clues on His Return!

"The Walking Dead" has been spending lots of quality time with the crew we know and love, but what about the big bad we love to hate: the loathsome Governor? Isn't he supposed to be back this season? Exec producers Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple recently spoke about that very topic...

A Herd of New The Walking Dead Season 4 Video Promos

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is ready to march on in like a herd of hungry walkers, and to get you geared up for the event, we have a quintet of new video promos! Dig 'em!

Five Things You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Season 4

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is so close you can almost smell it... P.U. those zombies stink! To take your minds off the wait, and the stench, here are five things you need to know straight from some of the key cast and crew members.

The Walking Dead - Amazing and Scary First Look at a Season 4 Walker; Trailer This Friday!

The first image of a walker from the upcoming Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" is here, and it's absolutely terrifying! AMC also announced a new trailer is on its way and will hit this Friday during Comic-Con. Stay tuned!

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman & Scott Gimple Talk Season 4's Focus, Comics vs. Series 'Remixing,' and More

In a tease of what San Diego Comic-Con attendees will be hearing next week during the panel for "The Walking Dead," comics creator/exec producer Robert Kirkman and new showrunner Scott Gimple have revealed a few more Season 4 tidbits for zombie-starved fans.

The Walking Dead - Glenn Mazzara Talks Life as a Showrunner, What's Coming in the Finale, and Season 4

Showrunners have been dropping on AMC's "The Walking Dead" faster than a walker on the business end of one of Daryl's arrows. The next to go is Glenn Mazzara, and recently he spoke about being a showrunner and more.

Official: AMC Names Scott Gimple as Showrunner for The Walking Dead

The hit AMC series "The Walking Dead" officially has some new blood at its helm, and hopefully this one will stay around for more than just a season or so. The network has confirmed that supervising producer Scott M. Gimple will be showrunner for Season 4, replacing Glenn Mazzara.

The Walking Dead Scares Up a New Showrunner

We have some big news for fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead" who have been following the whole showrunner debacle: A new talent is now at the helm for Season Four. Read on for the latest on all things shambling and biting and a new promo video.

The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.06 - Hounded

When we left off in last week's episode, Rick was awoken from his zombie-killing stupor by a phone call. So he did what any human being would do in the vicinity of a ringing phone, he answered it. Tonight's episode entitled "Hounded" was written by Scott M. Gimple and directed by Dan Attias.

Behind-the-Scenes Video from The Walking Dead Episode 3.05 - Say The Word; Sneak Peek of Episode 3.06 - Hounded

Fans of The Walking Dead comics got the answer last night as to whether Rick would be talking on the phone with "someone" on the TV show as well, and we have to say it played out perfectly.