Scott Eastwood

Exclusive: Two More Chain Saw Vets Appearing in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is looking like a family reunion of sorts with two more HUGE pieces of the puzzle returning for cameos. Who's on tap for the new Saw? Read on for details!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Carves Out a Leading Man for a Planned Trilogy

When it comes to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, a good-looking leading man is needed. If only so Leatherface can bound the unsuspecting lad to a table and extract the flesh from his head to wear. That's just important!

Get Ready to Enter Nowhere

We know. A lot of us have already spent tons of time feeling as if we're nowhere, but if there were some horror shenanigans involved, said feeling might be a bit more fun.