Scott DiLalla

First Artwork and Trailer Arrive for I Am ZoZo

The Ouija board-based spooker I Am ZoZo is on its way home via Image Entertainment, and we have the trailer and artwork for you right here. No need to consult the spirits. That shit never works out okay.

Image Entertainment Introduced to I Am ZoZo

The Ouija board-based spooker I Am ZoZo has had some luck at Cannes as the mighty oracle of demonic activity has spelled out Image Entertainment! Yep, the flick is officially being released here Stateside. Read on for details.

Teaser Trailer Arrives for Ouija Thriller I Am ZoZo

The Ouija board: harmless toy made by Hasbro (or Parker Brothers if you're old school) or supernatural, portal-opening demon magnet? Whether you believe the Ouija board is nothing more than the product of group hysteria or the actual equivalent of a bug-light for evil spirits, the filmmakers of I Am ZoZo want you to take a look at the teaser trailer for their new film. You might change your mind.