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Sorority House Massacre to Bloody Up Blu-ray

The 1986 slasher flick Sorority House Massacre is on its way to Blu-ray high definition via Scorpion Releasing, and we have a look at the cover art for you right here. You can almost smell the Aquanet.

Mortuary Finally Finds a Home on DVD

Back in the Eighties some cool cover art was all we needed to get us to rent a VHS tape and run home excited. True, more often than not the artwork was not at all reflective of the content, but we still didn't regret it. In fact, I remember renting Mortuary dozens of times for the box art alone.

More Cinema Obscura on the Way from Scorpion Releasing ... The Survivor

The lovable loonies over at Scorpion Releasing have done it again! Another long lost gem has been uncovered and given the DVD treatment - The Survivor! Read on for release details!

Satan's Slave Ordered to Come to DVD

Another lost classic has been resurrected by the loonies over at Scorpion Releasing. Dig on all the details regarding Satan's Slave and find out how you can get your own devilish servant below.

Scorpion Releasing Doling Out Another Four Lost Gems - Thrill Kill, Mark of Cain, Whispers, Double Exposure

It's like an odd flickapalooza, man! The sickos over at Scorpion Releasing have four more terror flicks on tap for us that haven't seen the light of day in ages. Read on for all the details.

Killer New Edition of The House on Sorority Row on its Way!

The House on Sorority Row is once again opening up for business via the wonderful sickos over at Scorpion Releasing, and they're dead set on bringing one hell of a DVD package to fans come the end of this month!

Humongous (DVD)

Hosted by Katarina Leigh Waters; Starring Janet Julian, David Wallace, Janit Baldwin Directed by Paul Lynch

A Humongous DVD is Finally on its Way

It's hard to believe that not every Eighties classic has made its way to DVD yet. How we long for a non-bootlegged copy of The Boogens, The Mutilator ... hell, we'd even settle for Spookies! Still, the fine folks over at Scorpion Releasing are scratching a Humongous one off of our want list in just a couple of weeks!

Scorpion Releasing to Bring Two Obscure Classics to DVD

While DVD companies like Anchor Bay and Blue Underground have slowed their output to a near crawl, we're happy to see some smaller guys picking up the slack and bringing some obscure genre stuff into the digital age. The folks at Scorpion Releasing have certainly got me excited for their upcoming releases!

Silent Scream (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Barbara Steele, Rebecca Balding, Cameron Mitchell, Yvonne De Carlo, Steve Doubet, Brad Rearden, Avery Schreiber