Roadside Picks up Alien Trespass

You’d think a movie that stars “Will & Grace” lead Eric McCormack would have a little bit more info available about it online, but it was increasingly difficult to dig up anything on Alien Trespass, which Variety reported this morning has been picked up by Roadside Attractions for distribution.

Cyberdyne Has Created HAL

I know this isn’t really horror in the most traditional sense, but sometimes you see stuff out there that is just too weird to pass up. Today that bit of weird showed up in CNN’s SciFi Tech Blog...

Driller (2008)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Tanya Dempsey, Ivy Gullickson, Matt Lewis, Jay Moore, Michael Ucello Written & Directed by Jason Kartalian You don't usually see a slasher movie that opens with malevolent aliens from outer space abducting a redneck and transforming him into a mutated killing machine designed to exterminate the human race, but that's exactly what we get in the opening minutes of Driller.

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Clip, Dates for Plaguers

Brad Sykes, writer/director of the upcoming sci-fi/horror mash-up Plaguers, dropped us a line this morning with a heads-up as to when and where potential fans will be able to check out his ambitious new film as well as an exclusive look behind the scenes!

Bio Slime Poster, Trailer

Like love at first sight, the poster for Bio Slime had me at “hello”. Wow, what a beautiful thing that is, and you know what? The trailer only adds to the beauty!