Samuel L. Jackson

Witness the Future of American Justice in UK RoboCop Trailer

I know it's cool to hate remakes and all, and I realize it's a bummer that this one is rated PG-13, but I kinda can't help but be excited about the return of RoboCop to the big screen.

Oldboy Blinds The Devil's Eyes Online

Spike Lee's remake of the Korean classic Oldboy is well on its way, but right now we have a special treat for you! The Oldboy-inspired graphic novel The Devil's Eyes has arrived online, and you can dig it right now!

Elizabeth Olsen Shocked by Oldboy Ending; Audience Squirming and Uncomfortable at Preview

Spike Lee's remake of the Korean classic Oldboy screened recently, and it was met with some interesting reactions from both the cast and the audience in attendance.

Two New Oldboy Clips Travel to Familiar Haunts to Meet Evil

Two new clips from Spike Lee's remake of the Korean classic Oldboy have made their way into our email box, and we figured that we ought to share 'em so you guys don't accuse us of keeping all the good stuff to ourselves.

Meet Crime's New Enemy in the Latest RoboCop Poster

In case the new trailer that arrived this morning for the RoboCop remake wasn't enough for you, we also have a new poster to share. Get a better look at crime's new enemy, and expect lots more soon!

New Oldboy Images and Trailer Released After 20 Years

A new trailer for Spike Lee's remake of the Korean classic Oldboy has checked in with a handful of new stills including the Oldboy money shot we've all become so familiar with. Check 'em out!

Second Trailer for RoboCop Takes Aim

The second trailer for the long talked about RoboCop remake has arrived, and we're wondering if it will do the trick to win over the film's naysayers. Watch it and then sound off in our comments section with your thoughts. Or you can be a prick and keep 'em all to yourself!

Get a Sneak Peek of the New RoboCop Trailer

Amidst all the news from AFM about movies that may or may not happen, we now have a teaser of the new trailer that's debuting later today for a movie that's definitely happening... despite our misgivings. Here's the latest on RoboCop.

New Oldboy Clip Gets Shaped Up

Esquire of all places has nailed down an exclusive clip from the remake of the Korean classic Oldboy, and we have it for you right here complete with a raging Josh Brolin getting those hammering muscles in shape.

The Countdown to New RoboCop Trailer Begins; Fresh Character Images

Over on the official RoboCop remake Facebook Page, a countdown has begun for a new trailer. One that's filled with some new character images. Check them out, and look for the flick in theatres on February 12, 2014.

AFM 2013: Samuel L. Jackson Answers Stephen King's CELL

More casting news for the latest Stephen King adaptation, CELL, has arrived in the form of the always entertaining Samuel L. Jackson. Read on for all the latest details that have just jumped out of the gate.

RoboCop Wants to Be Your Valentine

Get out your can openers, young lovers! The RoboCop remake has just gotten itself a new release date, and you're gonna need it if you want to access his exhaust pipe. Look for it in theatres on February 12, 2014.

New Oldboy Featurette Showcases Josh Brolin's Transformation

As we inch closer to the release of the remake of Korean classic Oldboy, the goodies are coming in hot and heavy. Up next is a new featurette comprised of clips and interviews that peek inside Josh Brolin's transformation from movie star to vengeful badass. Enjoy!

New York Comic Con 2013: A Good Look at the Better RoboCop Suit

Before Michael Keaton's character foolishly requested that the RoboCop suit be turned black, there was actually a pretty damned good costume for our hero to wear, and now you can get a good look at it.

New Oldboy Clip Is Far From All Right

Another clip from Spike Lee's take on the Korean classic Oldboy has hit this crazy thing we call the interwebs, and we have it for you in all of its intense glory. Check it out, and look for more on this one soon.