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Syfy's Being Human Premiere Sets Record

Though we're still not entirely sure why they just couldn't start running the original hit British TV series "Being Human", it seems that the folks over at Syfy are obviously on the right track with their remake.

Promo Package Revealed for Syfy's Being Human

With the January 17, 2011, premiere date for Syfy's "Being Human" redux just a few weeks away, the network's promotions department has started sending out press kits for the show, and we've got a sneak peek at what they contain.

Syfy Unveils Cast Photos, Character Descriptions, and Promo Video for Being Human

After months of speculation Syfy has finally unveiled cast photos, character descriptions, a full synopsis, and even a promo video for its redux of the British TV series "Being Human", and we have to say it's looking a lot more promising than we first thought ... mostly due to two little words: Mark Pellegrino, who plays the charismatic but menacing Bishop.

Syfy's Being Human Redux Lands a Mentor - Mark Pellegrino

Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the original BBC show, the powers-that-be have surmised that we need our own Americanized version of the incredible little show "Being Human", which focuses on a ghost, vampire, and we

First Casting News for Syfy's Being Human Re-Imagining

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Syfy's upcoming "Being Human" re-imagining (or whatever they're calling it these days), but it looks like we know who'll be playing two thirds of the threesome made up of a ghost, vampire, and werewolf. Read on for the details.