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More on The Last of Us Film Adaptation

One of the biggest stories to come out of this past Comic-Con was the announcement that Sony Screen Gems and Sam Raimi are preparing a feature film adaptation of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Recently writer and creative director Neil Druckmann shed more light on the film's direction.

Jane Levy on Evil Dead 2 - TV Show May Have Swallowed Its Soul

During Comic-Con news broke that an "Evil Dead" TV show was on its way starring none other than Bruce Campbell. Recently AITH caught up with remake star Jane Levy to ask about the sequel to the remake, and things don't sound good at all.

Bruce Campbell Confirms Role in Evil Dead TV Series

We told you during our continuing coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con that Ivan and Sam Raimi are working on developing an "Evil Dead" TV series and that franchise star Bruce Campbell would be involved somehow.

#SDCC14: Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Take Evil Dead to Television

Considering that NBC's "Hannibal" is currently home to some of the most graphic violence imaginable, it's not surprising to see other splatter-y franchises making a dash for the small screen. The latest? Why, none other than "Evil Dead."

#SDCC14: Screen Gems and Sam Raimi To Turn The Last Of Us Into A Movie

Some of the coolest news coming out of this year's Comic-Con is word that Sony Screen Gems and Sam Raimi are preparing a feature film adaptation of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Read on to hear all about this bad boy!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Darkman: Collector's Edition Blu-ray and Exclusive Poster

Long before Spider-Man got rebooted and any wolves got punched in The Grey, Sam Raimi and Liam Neeson collaborated on a superhero flick with a Gothic love story that was a hit with both audiences and critics.

Groovy Japanese Army of Darkness Poster for Your Viewing Pleasure

Just when you think you've seen every single piece of promotional artwork from The Evil Dead series, something new rears its head like Cheryl trapped below the chained basement door.

The Top 9 Sam Raimi Films - Horror and Otherwise

From his modest start in that ramshackle cabin in the woods what must seem like a lifetime ago, Sam Raimi has become one of the more versatile and beloved directors in Hollywood. With Scream Factory's Blu-ray release of Darkman today, we bring you our Top 9 Sam Raimi Films - Horror and Otherwise.

Darkman (Blu-ray)

Starring Liam Neeson, Francis McDormand, Larry Drake, Nicholas Worth Directed by Sam Raimi Distributed by The Scream Factory

Scream Factory Makes a Date with Darkman

Long before shootin' web with Spiderman, Sam Raimi made Darkman, a superhero flick that was fully his own. Scream Factory kicks off 2014 in style with one of their famous Collector's Edition Blu-ray releases of the 1990 film, and you'll find all the info here!

AFM 2013: Exclusive Media Shopping Three New Projects Including One from Sam Raimi

And the barrage of AFM news keeps rolling in even though it's still technically the evening before the show. Next out of the gate is word regarding three projects Exclusive Media will be shopping at this year's big dance.

Kyle Catlett Is Now Following the Poltergeist Curse

I love a good old fashioned tale of cursed movie sets. The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, and of course Poltergeist are well known for having unexplained mishaps befall the cast and the crew. Coincidence or not, "The Following"'s Kyle Catlett ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.

The Scream Factory Unwraps New Darkman Artwork

The Scream Factory is at it again. This time they have us drooling over the new artwork for the Sam Raimi 1990 classic Darkman. No release date or specs have been revealed yet, but you can expect this one some time in December.

Sam Rockwell to Get Haunted in Poltergeist Remake?

Some really interesting casting news is coming in for the proposed remake of the classic 80s horror flick Poltergeist. The Wrap is reporting that Sam Rockwell is in early talks to star opposite Rosemarie DeWitt in MGM and Fox 2000's reboot.

Rosemarie DeWitt Signs on as Lead in the Poltergeist Remake

The folks behind the long talked about Poltergeist remake have found their star in Rosemarie DeWitt (“Mad Men,” “United States of Tara”). Read on for more details, and now that casting is under way, look for more REALLY soon!