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New Daybreakers Trailer Has Some Bite

A new trailer debuted online today for 2010's first vampire opus Daybreakers, and any and all Twilight fans should sit up and take notice of the savage side of these creatures of the night. It isn't always about sparkling, you know! Synopsis

Two New Stills from Daybreakers

With The Twilight Saga: New Moon opening this weekend, we thought it a good idea to remind everyone that a vampire tale with a bit more "bite" is heading to theatres early next year. And what better way to do that than with two new stills?!

Another Daybreakers Poster Revealed

To go along with the TV spot that hit online recently, Lionsgate has revealed yet another poster for its upcoming vampire vs. human saga Daybreakers.

Daybreakers TV Spot Debuts Online

It's really hard to believe the new year is just around the corner though I'll be the first to admit I cannot wait to see 2009 out of here already. With the theatrical debut of Daybreakers coming in January, at least 2010 will be starting off with some bite.

Dafoe Takes Aim in New Daybreakers Images

Finally a vampire film with teeth is getting some play instead of the bushy-eyebrowed tweener properties that have been getting all the love. A couple of new stills from Lionsgate's latest vampire opus Daybreakers have made their way online, and we have the goods for ya!

Daybreakers One Sheet Hits the Web

Daybreakers (review here) is a vampire flick I'm hoping the horror community will get behind: a fantastic concept, an even better cast and a real cool look to it. And while we've got to wait until January 8th, 2010 to find out whether or not it lives up to the hype, we've got the official one sheet for your viewing pleasure in the meantime.

Evil Looking Vamp from Daybreakers

You see, now here's a vampire flick we can get behind! The first good still of one of the toothy creatures from Daybreakers (review here) surfaced today, and there are no overly thick eyebrows and no black clothing, brooding, sparkling, or silly haircuts. There's just terror. So ... very ... good.

Daybreakers (2009)

Reviewed by Mike Cameron, The Substream Starring Willem Dafoe, Ethan Hawke, Isabel Lucas, Sam Neill Directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig

Under the Mountain One-Sheet Surfaces Over the Net

Jonathan King, director of the splattery good gore-fest Black Sheep (review here), has a new flick coming out soon called Under the Mountain that unfortunately has been given a pretty lame poster. Still, given how crazed his last film was, we're willing to give King the benefit of the doubt and not let the artwork that appears to have escaped from a certain other Mountain dissuade us!

Daybreakers Trailer Debuts Online

Just the other day the first teaser poster was revealed for Daybreakers, and now hot on its heels we have the official trailer.

Daybreakers One-Sheet Breaks Out

Good news concerning the status of the Spierig Brothers' (Undead) forever-in-the making vampire film Daybreakers! After months and months! We've at last got a teaser one-sheet to dig on!

Colosimo Gives Daybreakers Update

Been wondering about the status of the Spierig Brothers' forever-in-the making vampire film Daybreakers? Even remember anything about it at this point? I can’t say I’d blame you if you answer “no” to the first because of a “yes” to the second.

Neill Breaks Day

Man it sure is taking Lionsgate and/or the Spierig Brothers a long time to get their futuristic vampire flick Daybreakers rolling, but thankfully it’s finally moving forward.

Hawke, Ethan (Daybreakers)

When you think of Ethan Hawke, I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t necessarily a