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A True American Horror Story: Meet the Demon Bunny!

Okay, kids, I'll admit that I don't know a whole lot about the upcoming FX show "American Horror Story", but I did see Dread Central's post about receiving an artifact in the mail that provides clues as to what kind of genre goodies the new series would be cooking up for us fans this fall and registered per the instructions. Today a mysterious package arrived at my front door via FedEx.

American Horror Story: More Teasers and TV Spots

With its October 5th premiere date drawing closer every day, "American Horror Story" has increased its promotional push, and we've found two new teaser trailers of around 30 seconds each and three very similar TV spots that comes in at 11 second each. And the more we watch, the more anxious we are to find out if the show can live up to its hype. We'll all see soon, but my vote is YES!

Enter the Attic of the American Horror Story House

Remember when we first told you about a very cool promotion F/X is running for its upcoming ghostly series "American Horror Story" in which you can have one-of-a-kind items relating to the show delivered right to your front door? Well, today Dread Central was the recipient of just such an item - the entire Attic of the Harmons' house!

You're All Gonna Die in Third Teaser Trailer for American Horror Story!

More creepy goodness has made its way online in promotion of the upcoming chiller of a TV series "American Horror Story" and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. We totally approve! Dig it!

More Casting News from American Horror Story Goes Bump in the Night

Yet more casting news coming in for the highly anticipated new FX horror show that's looking to deliver more than its fair share of shivers and chills. Who's the next person to be haunting your tube this fall? Read on for details.

Help Unravel the Secrets of American Horror Story! Have One-of-a-Kind Pieces of the Puzzle Delivered Directly to Your Door!

For years now viral marketing campaigns have engaged users on a fairly standard level to get them excited about their favorite stories. Now the folks behind the upcoming FX series "American Horror Story" are taking this approach to an unprecedented and frightening new level. Read on for details of how you can have one-of-a-kind items delivered right to your front door free of charge just by taking a second of your time.

Heroes Star Zachary Quinto Returning to TV for American Horror Story; Two-Part Halloween Episode in the Works

The day just isn't complete without some news about FX's upcoming series "American Horror Story", and we have two pretty cool items to share. First is that former "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto has signed on for a four-episode (at least) arc, and second is that the powers-that-be are prepping a big two-part Halloween episode whose conclusion will air on October 31st.

American Horror Story Wants to Make House Calls to Scare You!

FX is pulling out all the stops to promote "American Horror Story", and we have to admit we find their latest idea to be genius. How would you like to be part of their "House Calls" promo and come face-to-face with a character from the show? And it's not just any character either. It's that crazy looking black latex covered thing that figures prominently in the poster.

New American Horror Story Teaser Ready to Deliver the Chills

Another slice of ultra-weird spookery from the upcoming FX show "American Horror Story" is kicking at the Internet's womb and we have every second of it right here for you minus the labor pains. Dig it!

American Horror Story Creeps onto FX October 5th

FX has been creating quite a buzz with its slew of promotional spots for the chilling upcoming series "American Horror Story." You know the ones I'm talking about, with the pregnant woman in the path of a creepy looking thing in a latex suit, the presumably dead looking baby doll (or baby?) and the mysterious arms playing cello on people's bellies. Intrigued word of mouth has definitely been circulating, and in just a few short weeks we'll get a chance to engorge ourselves with what looks to be a veritable feast for the eyes.

Lily Rabe to Help FX Tell an American Horror Story

The offspring of a true Hollywood legend is joining the cast of FX's upcoming "American Horror Story": Lily Rabe, daughter of Jill Clayburgh, has signed on for six episodes, playing the original owner of the haunted house in which the series is primarily set.

FX Unveils Creepy New American Horror Story Promo Poster

The more we see of FX's upcoming "American Horror Story", the more we like. And now that we've peeked at the series' new official promo poster, we're convinced we're right that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have something pretty creepy up their sleeves. Dig it!

Another American Horror Story Trailer and Casting News

We don't know about you cats, but we're really stoked to see what the latest horror series to come our way, FX's "American Horror Story", has in store for us. Time for another look and even some casting news!

Third Teaser Clip from American Horror Story and a Bit of Casting News

The third and final teaser clip from FX's "American Horror Story" has made it way online, and it features a moment of lust and illicit passion. Who couldn't use a little bit of that on a Friday? In addition, we have some casting news for the show.

As Promised - Second Teaser Clip from FX's American Horror Story

It was such a busy day we almost forgot to check Yahoo! TV for the second teaser from FX's upcoming series "American Horror Story", but we've got it for you right here, right now! Is that a baby ... or is it a doll? Let us know what you think!