Run For Your Lives

Event Report: Dread Central hits Run For Your Lives

This past Saturday (10/20) this writer, along with actresses Natalie Victoria (DeadHeads) and Carlee Baker (The Woman)' made the drive from Hollywood to Temecula, CA, to participate in Run For Your Lives, a zombie-infested 5K obstacle course race and lived to tell about it.

Prepare for the Apocalypse with Run for Your Lives Zombie-Infested, Obstacle-Laden 5K Runs

As we frequently mention, the zombie apocalypse is not a matter of if, but when, and we're doing our best to be sure you beloved Dread Central readers are prepared to deal with it. It's a simple case of the 6 P's: Preparation and Planning Prevent Piss-Poor Performance. And when the shit goes down, that preparation is going to decide who's gonna survive and who's gonna be dead... or in this case undead. One great way to prepare is with Run for Your Lives 5Ks.

Run For Your Lives! They're Coming!

You always hear that if you want to lose weight or get in shape, you need motivation. Something that drives and pushes you to never quit. The reason most never make it? No motivation. I have the cure for that ... the living dead.