Roger Corman

Bloody Tentacle Terror on Display in First Sharktopus Image

It's not often you see an image of a scantily clad female covered in a bodily fluid being menaced by a large purple-ish tentacle and it turns out to not be hentai related. But that's what you'll see in all its bloody glory in this first official image from Roger Corman's next creature feature Sharktopus.

Roger Corman's Deathsport and Battle Truck Explode onto DVD

With Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep getting all the love lately in the news, we'd be remiss if we did not mention two other Corman cult classics that are poised to make their special edition double-feature DVD debut from Shout! Factory.

Shout! Factory Dishes the Dirt on Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep Special Edition Blu-ray Releases

If we could kiss, cuddle, and embrace Shout! Factory until we both weep, I think that we would. After reading the following news, we're fairly certain you'll want to join in on our video induced love fest.

Art and Details: Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World

And Shout! Factory keeps right on doling out the goods as part of its Roger Corman Collection! Get ready for a look at what to expect from the upcoming releases of Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World. From the Press Release:

DVD Releases: 5/4/2010: Put the Meadowoods Slasher in Cold Storage and Never Sleep Again

Only one genre related Blu-ray hits stores this week -- Escape from L.A. -- but a decent crop of DVDs accompanies it, including the documentary to end all documentaries, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

Shout! Factory Offers Glimpse of New Roger Corman DVDs and Blu-rays

DVD company Shout! Factory has been kicking a mucho amount of ass lately, and they're showing zero signs of slowing down. Their latest crowning jewel is without question their slate of upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases of some true Roger Corman most beloved classics! For those not playing along ... Shout! Factory and New Horizons Picture Corporation have entered into an extensive multi-year alliance to release a vast library of classic and new films from legendary producer-director Roger Corman to the home entertainment marketplace.

Original Death Race Gets Deluxe Blu-ray/DVD Treatment and More Corman Classics to Come!

Never mind all that ridiculous business about seeing who shits on the sidewalk! The original big daddy of them all, Death Race 2000, is getting set to hit DVD and Blu-ray in style; and we've got the lowdown on what to expect!

Chomptacular Dinocroc vs. Supergator Trailer

This past weekend saw the premiere of the Roger Corman-produced Dinoshark (review here) on Syfy. Today we get the trailer for another future Syfy flick pitting two previous Roger Corman reptilian behemoths in mortal combat. Feast your eyes upon the stupendous chomp-filled trailer for Jim Wynorski's Dinocroc vs. Supergator.

Dinoshark (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Eric Balfour, Iva Hasperger, Aaron Diaz, Humberto Busto, Roger Corman Directed by Kevin O'Neill

Eric Roberts to Wage War With Sharktopus

Since news broke that recent honorary Oscar winner Roger Corman and Syfy were teaming up to gift the world with a motion picture about a half-shark/half-octopus oceanic killing machine gone wild, Sharktopus-mania has engulfed the World Wide Web. Now comes news that a former Oscar nominee has signed on to star.

Syfy Offers a Sneak Peek at Dinoshark in Action!

During the Oscars ten movies were nominated for best picture, and none of them strikes me as a motion picture that will stand the test of time and be remembered as anything truly great. Is it too late for a write-in vote to retroactively award this year's Best Picture Oscar to The Dark Knight or Gran Torino or even go all the way back and give either Jaws, Star Wars, or Raiders of the Lost Ark the high honor they richly deserved? Screw the Oscars, I say. Give me Dinoshark!

Sharktopus Plot Details and Dinoshark Image Revealed!

Want to know what the titular monster of Roger Corman's Dinoshark looks like? Want to know how and why a shark gets genetically crossed with an octopus in Corman's forthcoming Sharktopus? Don't deny it. You know you do. Just read on.

Make a Date with Roger Corman's Dinoshark

Just yesterday you heard the news that legendary b-movie maestro Roger Corman is going to produce Sharktopus. But before that shark/octopus hybrid comes into fruition, there's the matter of Dinoshark, the prehistoric monster shark flick he produced. A premiere date is finally set, and I am sure you will be shocked to know Syfy is where you can see it.

Roger Corman Ready to Unleash His Sharktopus

In a move that no doubt has our own Foywonder writhing with anticipation, word came down on Twitter (a strangely viable source of news) today letting fans know that Roger Corman's long rumored monster movie Sharktopus is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Date Shift for Corman's Piranha DVD and Blu-ray and More

Sometimes a bun just needs a bit more time in the oven, ya know? Dread Central has learned today that Shout! Factory's upcoming (and we're sure to be stellar) DVD and Blu-ray release of the Roger Corman classic Piranha has been pushed back until August.