Roel Reiné

Supernatural's Lauren Cohan Joins Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Though lots of fans hated her for always outsmarting the Winchester boys, we always kind of dug actress Lauren Cohan. Now Lauren is getting set to handle a whole new breed of loonies who drive around looking for carnage!

More Sign On For Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Shooting began over this past weekend on the prequel to Paul Anderson's Death Race, cleverly titled Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, and as a result a bit more casting news has come to light that includes a couple of recent genre heavy hitters.

Director Named for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Here at Dread Central we love Death Race 2000. It's one of those extra charming flicks that revels in the fact that it has not one single redeeming social value. It was just a nice slice of absolute balls-out lunacy. Paul Anderson's remake .... not so much. Still, it was successful enough to merit a direct-to-video sequel and the cat has come out of the bag regarding who will be stepping into the director's chair.

Another Grizzly Bear out for Grisly Revenge

There has been a brief uptick in killer bear flicks the last two years, and not all for the best. Now comes a new one simply titled Bear that, judging by its trailer, takes the T-Rex/jeep scene from Jurassic Park, ages the occupants in peril about 15 years, replaces the T-Rex with a very angry grizzly with vengeance on its mind, and builds an entire movie around it.

See No Evil Scribe Visits Graveland

Dan Madigan, the mind that brought us the bit of brutality known as See No Evil (review) is not done with the horror genre. Two years after Kane (or 'Fake Desiel' as my wrestling friends still call him) terrorized a hot young cast, the writer has lined up a few intriguing flicks.